Travel Insurance Tips and Tricks

by : Smith Chen

Travel Insurance is a must. Never travel without one. Yet many people are faced with huge amount of medical bills incurred during their holidays. Simply because they did not see a need for a travel insurance.

Travel Insurance Tips and Tricks.
Here are 10 top tips to help you make the right decision.

  1. If you take the European health card (E111) with you when you travel, you will still not be covered for anything that goes wrong. The card is just there to be given to a hospital, etc, in an emergency so they will treat you. You will still be billed for any treatment you receive in a private health care system.

  2. When applying for your insurance policy, you must inform the company of any/all medical conditions you suffer from, no matter how small or insignificant they seem. This could prove to be something that voids your policy if you do not. You will find that this most probably increases your premium, but it is worth it to keep your policy valid.

  3. When looking for cheap travel insurance, be careful to check that you are not losing out on any coverage that you will need, such as theft and cancellation of holiday/flights. You may find that some policies really are too good to be true and cover you for the bare minimum.


  4. If you are planning an adventure holiday that is of higher risk such as a winter ski, bunjy jumping, parachuting. You need to get special travel insurance. If you are thinking of backpacking, it would similarly be best to look for a backpacker's policy.

  5. The majority of companies offer single, multi trip, family and annual policies. If you are going to travel just once in a year as a single person or a couple, it will work out cheaper to apply for a single trip travel insurance policy. If however you will be traveling 4 or more times, a multi trip policy will save you money. Finding separate policies will be expensive. It is better to opt for a family policy as its cheaper.

  6. Always check excesses on the policy you choose. Most policies are peppered with them and finding a policy with a better or no excess in an area you think relevant is prudent.

  7. An important thing to remember in regards to item/theft insurance is; if you leave valuables unattended/out of sight, you will not be protected.

  8. Dont let holiday provider package the holiday insurance for you. It will work out much more expensive in the long run. 

  9. It is important to remember that the insurance company will not pay out for an accident caused whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.