Should You Build Your Own Social Networks Software?

by : Ron McNeil

You have decided to create your own social networking website; you have purchased the domain name, decided upon the name for the site itself and even decided which hosting package you needed to buy. Now all you need is the social networks software itself. Yet it is best to create your own, or should you look into just buying something that is already available? But on the other hand, there are free packages available as well; maybe they would be better suited for your needs. There are so many questions that come into play when you are trying to create a website, and designing a social networking site is certainly no different.

One of the first things you need to decide is what you expect your social networks software to do. If you have huge ambitions and are able to program the software yourself then you can feel free to be highly elaborate with your plans. Yet if you discover that you are actually not a very skilled programmer you may need to scale back your plans. Have no fears though, even those without top notch programming skills can still have a great social networks software package. Your options may seem highly limited, but with some time and patience as well as a bit of research you should finally have a site that you are very happy with, which makes you quite proud to be associated with it.

The majority of social networking sites all allow users to create profile pages. You should consider this to be similar to a miniature personal website. This is the space that allows users to enter their own personal information that they want to share with others. However, unlike a typical miniature website users will not be giving you the information directly. Instead, they should be able to insert the information into your social networks software and create their profile page themselves. Unless you have a lot of extra free time creating each page individual can be a very time consuming and quite tedious tasks after a while.

You should consider as well that once you have generated a few profiles and users the site will slow down. If you are planning to create the social networks software yourself you need to be able to program the software to handle these problems and still operate fast enough to satisfy the needs of your users. Users who are unhappy with the speed of the site or how the site runs overall are very much likely to leave. One of the biggest disappointments that users can have with a site is something that is always kicking back error messages.

All of this can seem rather overwhelming, especially if you are not a top skilled programmer. Yet creating the social networks software that you want is not always impossible. While you may not have the skills that are necessary to create the software, you can always look into versions that have already been created. Often these versions are quite inexpensive and allow you to simply install the software and get started creating everything that you want. This can have you up and running your social networks software in just a matter of minutes, however the customization options that you generally have are quite limited. Yet, the biggest benefit is the lack of necessary programming experience.

Your other option is looking around to hire a coder who can program the site for you. This can be quite expensive, especially if you have to pay someone by the hour. The amount of time that a website takes to create is quite large, and if you are wanting something quite complex such as a social networks software, you are looking at quite the hefty price tag for a custom creation. Yet while the cost can be a huge burden, it can be a very good example of what you can do.

Deciding upon which method is truly best can sometimes be rather confusing. Programming the social networks software yourself is obviously much cheaper, however if you are looking for a very quick solution it can be inappropriate. If you are looking for a way to expand your programming skills it can be a great way to help you with that goal, but at the same time you may want to look into hiring a programmer to be available to help you with the parts that are very complicated. After a bit of soul searching and a lot of research you should be able to make the best decision for you and your social networks software.