All About Booster Seats

by : Rina Zeger

Booster seats are the car seat that your child will advance to when he or she has outgrown the toddler car seat. Because this is the big kid car seat, you and your child should be proud. You are probably asking yourself where all the years have gone? However, there are some important things you should know about booster car seats.

Booster seats should be used in the back seat of the car, never the front. Because your child is still not big enough for the front seat and the impact of an air bag, you should always make sure that your child is in the back seat for safety reasons. Booster car seats are for children that weigh 40 to 80 pounds. Once your child has reached this weight, they should be able to sit safely in a booster car seat.

You will notice that the booster seat only faces the front of the car. Of course your child is not an infant any longer, so they will sit and face the front just as they did in the toddler car seat. A booster car seat is not as complicated as the toddler car seat really. The booster car seat, mostly consists of a seat that you sit your child onto, and strap him or her down to it. Most booster car seats do not have a back to them, which means that your child will feel bigger without the extra added cushion and sides to the car seat.

When you strap your child into the booster seat, be sure that the seat belt is fastened securely, and that they will not rock with the seat. Making sure that the seat will not rock will ensure that they will not go flying all over the car in the event of an accident. The booster car seat should not be able to budge.

Advancing to a booster seat means that your baby is growing and getting bigger. Always put your child in the backseat, and never start the car until your child is buckled securely into their car seat.