How To Make Fast Money Online

by : runner

The actions to make money online can be put into two groups: actions which bring money immediately, even in hours and actions which work long term but on ongoing, steady basis.

To be able to make fast money online, a home business owner must know how to do it and especially: how to do it profitably.

My opinion is that PPC or pay-per-click, like Google Adwords, is the best way to get immediate results. Sales can come in even in hours, because Google is a huge international market with 200 million searches each and every day.

If you are interested about Google Adwords I strongly recommend to read some good ebook about it.

To be able to make fast money online with Google Adwords the art is to pick the right keywords, not to bid too much ( max 17 cents per word would I say ) and to write keyword rich and persuasive adcopy. It is that simple.

As said Google Adwords?results come quickly and very rapidly home business owner will learn the key figures to make fast money online: how many clicks are needed for one sitevisit and how many sitevisits are needed for one purchase, in average of course.

Let?s assume that the CTR ( click-through-rate) is 2%, which means that 2 out of one hundred who have seen the ad have clicked the ad and that out of 200 who have visited the site, one will buy, the home business owner needs 200 visitors or clickers and 10.000 exposures of ad to get one sale.

With these figures ( they are examples only) it is easy to calculate how much per keyword the home business owner can pay or is it time to find more lowcost keywords to make the business more profitable.

But stay cool, it is nice to get hundreds or thousands of clicks... but the credit card bill must be paid too.

I think Google Adwords is the best way to make fast money online. Adwords can be the only tool to reach the targets, because it is so powerful. And it is wiser to get full knowledge of the leading market, and beat the competitors there than to split the efforts to many smaller markets.

My favorite is Perry Marshall?s email course, because Marshall is the most respected professional in this area. To get the picture of keywords, adcopy writing and testing and techniques to get a lot of low-cost keyphrases and splendid sales with reasonable costs.
And believe me, it is not difficult. Just do it.

Google is a huge market where bidders make real-time bids, which means that the situation will change hour by hour, even minute by minute. A single bid can be effective only some hours or minutes and after the budget is spent, other bidders come in.

In order to pick low-cost but effective keywords, use Overture or WordTracker.
Both are free.
To succeed in the project to make fast money online, keyword research is the subject which must be done properly.

It is nice that all the tools are available for home business marketer online so it requires only time and thoughts to make fast money online. The target is to find enough keywords which will bring in the desired targetted amount of sitevisitors. It is really that simple.

To make fast money online the adcopy or - copies must be " selling ". In Adwords the headline can have only 25 characters and two line bodycopy 35 characters each, so all words are important. " Think like a customer" means that the ad must promise a true thing in a persuasive, action calling way.

Split testing of ads means that adcopy will be developed all the time by changing the order of words or writing new ads. If the CTR ( click-trough-rate) of the ad is much lower than 2 ( 2 % of those seen the ad have clicked it ), it is time to make changes.

To make fast money online is the numbers game. The home business owner may need 10.000 shown ads to get 200 sitevisitors and one purchase. When for instance this relatio is known from own experience, it is possible to run home business profitably with Google Adwords, which is, aaah, so nice. And one more thing: you need a successful program to join.