Journalism Distance Learning Courses

by : Jim Zorn

Journalism distance learning courses are for those who want to acquire interviewing and reporting skills and wish to make a career in journalism from the comfort of their home. Journalism distance learning courses help you have the flexibility of maintaining your current assignments and at the same time honing up your skills in writing and practicing newsroom techniques. You could do a course in sub editing and design or a course in internet journalism or study media law. If you are new to writing you could work your way up to a career in journalism by beginning to acquire writing skills and studying English literature by doing a few online courses that lead up to a diploma or degree in journalism.

What can You Expect to Learn?

Writing an intro, feature or an editorial article, working on profiles and handouts or training practically to interview are some of the things that students of Journalism master. You will probably learn how to handle a running story, work on basic subbing skills or learn the techniques of creating headlines and captions in any one of the courses. If the course is a specialist course in sub editing and design, you will be checking on the accuracy of information and learning to avoid legal pitfalls. You will have to learn to maintain your calm in crisis situations. If you take up internet journalism, you are venturing into an area that is yet uncharted. The web is a great place for freelance writers who wish to make a part time career in journalism.

Universities that Offer Journalism Distance Learning Courses

The London School of Journalism offers a wide variety of courses for the new entrant and the experienced. You could pick your way through the 3, 6, 9 month courses in sub editing, Journalism, Internet Journalism or Media law by beginning with a course in English or English Literature or you could directly register for the diploma of your choice.

The University of Nebraska, Lincoln offers a Masters degree program in the College of Journalism and Mass communication. The Charles Strut University offers a Graduate Certificate in Communication and a Master of Arts (Communication), Journalism. The Deakin University has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. A number of Journalism distance learning degrees are available at Universities like the University of Mississippi, University of Memphis, Monash University (Australia), University of North Carolina, University of Missouri at Columbia and so on.

Registering and pursuing journalism distance learning is a wise decision even for those who do not want a career in Journalism but merely wish to learn to write cogently and intelligently. These courses help in developing skills in communication and also aid the student in acquiring research and presentation skills.