Product Price Comparison Sites - An Introduction

by : Jonathan White

In the contemporary arena, Internet has become an inseparable and indispensable part of an average household. People are extensively using Internet to gather information about products and services they are willing to purchase or pay for. People tend to spend hours together to browse through a whole host of websites to gather particulars about a product, before going in for its purchase.

The search down various websites especially holds true for product and / or service being purchased for the very first time, or being technological in nature needs updating of general knowledge, or being a rare item that has to be first found available and then compared as regards its prices on offer.

Generally, Internet users tend to put down or print out the details, like features, parallels, price tags plus shipping charges and so on, for each website showcasing availability of the product / service in demand. Then the users compare the noted down information or print outs to conclude the most economical as well as reliable site, and thus make an informed decision. The whole process takes a lot of time, effort and money at the end of the Internet user.

The modern Internet savvy users prefer Internet to make purchases rather than plod across offline stores. It is simply a matter of convenience and a feasible alternative to utter lack of time faced by them. Given that these users prefer home delivery and instant service, going through web research is quite an ordeal indeed.

As an age-old saying goes, ' Necessity is the mother of invention'. Internet offers an overwhelming answer to all this turmoil of an online shopper in the form of "Price Comparison Sites". Price Comparison sites save online shoppers from undertaking a hectic web research, and basically cater the eventual product of the entire procedure of web research, otherwise undertaken by an avid web shopper before making a buying decision.

Price Comparison websites are also known as "Aggregators" because they aggregate information on a product from many websites offering online shopping of the product. These sites render you easy and lucid comparisons of the prices on offer of a product under consideration, without any toiling involved, on a single screen in a matter of a few clicks of the mouse! These sites manage to save a substantial amount of effort, time and money of the prospective shopper, and above all, take away the headache of compiling information.

For example, if you need one of the Harry Potter series book, say 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', all you need to do is type in the title of the book as it is, at a price comparison website. Almost instantly, you will be shown an exhaustive list of all the sites offering the book with the price tags each one is offering, plus the shipping cost from each site.

Originally devised for computers and electronics in mind, the price comparison sites have caught on with almost all products and services on sale on web. The sites have rendered online shopping much more easily and quicker than it was earlier. Further, the price comparison sites display ratings against each site name so as to give the online customer a fair idea about the reliability and creditability of the site.

In case the sites do not offer price comparison in some exceptional cases, you will be usually shown various other criteria, like brand, capabilities etc. to narrow down your search. Thus, these sites are gradually diversifying and extending beyond their roles of bargain-finders to your online shopping guardians.