Easy Ways For Kids To Make Money

by : Whalehooks

I bet that if you have kids, they always want more and more of your funds. They likely will ask for more allowance, more toys, more clothes, or more of anything else they like. This can be a huge challenge for parents. The more you give, the more your kids will likely want.

In order to save your pocket book and sanity, it's necessary to come up with an alternative to giving the farm to your kids. Otherwise, you will be teaching them a lot of negative habits that could plague you and them for life. Some kids end up seeing their parents as a money source that will keep giving for the rest of their lives, and that can be damaging for their self esteem.

In order to stop this early on, you will have to help your kids to learn to earn their own money. You aren't going to make them earn every single thing they need, but will help them to learn to make money to buy the things they want.

When you go shopping, your kids may be in the habit of asking you to buy them this or that. Those moments are opportune - you should use them to motivate your kids. This will teach them to earn and will over time provide them with confidence business skill.

The first thing you need to do to get this to work is come up with ways for your kids to actually earn money. Once you know that you have some good options, you will present them to your kids. Letting them choose the option that sounds like fun for them will help with their motivation. Making money as a kid should be fun!
Here are some of the ways your kids can earn a little income:

Selling Baked Goods

There are a lot of kids that love to cook. Teaching them to make baked goods such as cakes, cookies, and brownies will be a ton of fun for them and can help them to make money. Marketing their treats is usually pretty easy - they can visit parks and sporting events. They could even set up a small table with a little help.

Your kids can also go door-to-door in your neighborhood with their treats. People will often buy to support your kids and others will just want the treats.

Shoveling Walks

Many kids make great money shoveling walks in the winter time. Usually they just go door-to-door and charge a couple bucks to shovel the walk right then. People are pretty lazy by nature and there will always be people who will love to have this service done.

Car Washing

Washing cars can be really fun for kids, because they get to play in the water. If your kids are really ambitious, they can run a car wash each week in the same location. This gives people the chance to come back again and again. Many people will prefer to support your kids over putting their money in an expensive machine.

There are of course many other ways for kids to make money. Hopefully this has given you a few ideas to get you started and good luck!