Exploring Barcelona, Spain

by : The Content Group

Barcelona, Spain is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world. It has so many tourist spots and places of interest that these cannot all be visited in just a few days. In Barcelona, Spain tourists get the full cultural effect in the style of the local people. The food, music and general attitude is different from any other country. There are also many beaches and museums that tourists often spend their entire day in, just basking in the sun or the glow of works of art in Barcelona, Spain.

Places to See in Barcelona, Spain

Las Ramblas is one of the most diverse streets in the world. Here one can see shops of many different variations and many street vendors and cafes that specialize in one thing or the other. This street in Barcelona, Spain is truly unique in the fact that there are not cars of vehicles in it. Instead, street actors and other entertainers are here to catch your attention and amaze you.

The mercat de la bouqueria is close to La Rambla and caters to many people looking for knick knack and what-nots including food and other trinkets. Along La Rambla is a famous 19th century opera house which is worth a look see. Further along is the lower end on La Rambla and it is advisable not to stray in this part of Barcelona, Spain during the night. Antoni Gaudi made several contributions to Barcelona, Spain that has made the city famous. Among his chief works of art is the La Sagarda Familia Bailica, the Parc Guell and Casa Mila or La Pedrera. Barcelona, Spain is also famous for its landscape that has brought out

Other places to go visit in Barcelona, Spain are the Monument a Colom, a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus and IMAX Barcelona, which is a recent addition to the city's night life and many varied films are shown here. The Aquarium in Barcelona, Spain is also worth a day's visit just to see the local and Mediterranean flora and fauna.

A visit to Barcelona, Spain is sure to be memorable and very exciting. The people add to the truly cultural experience as with the night life and the cuisine. The sights and activities mentioned above are just a few of the things you can see and o in Barcelona, Spain. Make sure to get to know more about the city before you set out for your Spanish holiday.