Volunteer in Argentina - A Romantic Getaway For a Good Cause

by : Seomul Evans

Talks of Argentina often bring to mind the wonderful lineage of football legends the country has produced. This Spanish speaking country is officially named Argentine Republic and is a large and extended landmass in the southern part of the continent of South America.

The nation shares borders with countries like Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay towards the north, Chile to the west, and Uruguay to the northeast. But the eastern border of Argentina is home to the gorgeous South Atlantic ocean shoreline. Imagine yourself as a volunteer in Argentina and how much you would enjoy yourself working in Buenos Aires, known as Capital Federal to distinguish it from the Buenos Aires province, or in Cordoba the second largest city in Argentina. Truly, volunteering in Argentina is not limited to just these cities; there is La Plata, distinguished as the perfect city, Mendoza, the fourth largest and home to the wine producing region of Argentina, and Rosario or San Juan, another center for quality wines. With a wide range of activities, volunteer Argentina projects, there will never be a dull moment during your stint here.

Argentina is also blessed with vibrant nature in the form of Iguazu Falls, Nahuel Huapi National Park (in Patagonia on Andes foothills) and the beautiful Pearl of Atlantic or Mar del Plata, and of course, there is the never to be forgotten Perito Moreno Glacier that is under threat due to global environment changes.

Why Volunteer In Argentina
Volunteering in Argentina is fun, uniquely different, and thoroughly enjoyable. The Argentineans are warm and welcoming in their own boisterous way and will make you feel right at home during your volunteer Argentina stint. Volunteering in Argentina is important for the welfare of the nation, protection of the wild animals that are native to the region, as well as work at the community level for improving infrastructure and provide guidance. Today, volunteer argentine projects are a worthwhile way to contribute positively towards the growth of a nation that is rich in its culture, heritage, and recovering from recession.

Types Of Projects Available
Typically, volunteering in Argentina means working on volunteer projects that are located either in the capital city or around the other major cities including Posadas, San Juan, and Mendoza etc. After completing a day's hard work, spend time with the locals or explore the bustling markets, enjoy a sit down coffee at the numerous cafes, or simply relax. Some of the volunteer Argentina programs you can opt for include:

1. Community work with orphans and underprivileged children: Support the orphans and underprivileged children by helping them learn how to read and write, master new skills, practice sports, and lead a healthier and all rounded life. As a volunteer in Argentina, you can make a solid difference in these children's lives by providing them English language lessons and teaching them subjects such as Math, Science, etc.

2. Animal rehabilitation: Rapid environmental degradation has resulted in near extinction of some of the native wildlife in Argentina. As an animal rehabilitation volunteer in Argentina, you will work for animal breeding and rehabilitation centers that aim to promote the welfare of wild animals and preserve them for future generations.

3. Teaching English: Volunteering in Argentina as an English coach is a fun filled experience, as you will find yourself teaching English to students that can be as young as 5 years or adults as old as 50 years. You can teach English at a bi-lingual school where children from various backgrounds come to study or volunteer at community level to teach English that can help Argentineans progress in life.

4. Community Work with Children: Working with disadvantaged children and giving them all the support and help to lead a better life and gain education is a fulfilling process. As a volunteer in Argentina, you will be able to serve the children by doing this type of community work.

5. Medicine Project in Argentina: Volunteering in Argentina will give your life a completely new meaning if you are pre-med student, or a certified doctor, or knowledgeable about medicine. You will do volunteer work in various city hospitals or work in various medical departments such as gynecology etc.

Volunteering in Argentina Requirements
1. No experience or qualifications required
2. Must be 18 or over 18 years of age
3. Should be free from all health problems

Fee and Other details
Fee is applicable for every volunteering project you choose. The fee is applied towards food, accommodation, comprehensive travel insurance, in country travel, fund raising ideas etc.

Volunteering in Argentina is a completely enriching and memorable experience!