Six Steps to a Powerful Sales Resume

by : stuboo

If you're considering applying for a pharmaceutical sales job, or any job for that matter, then you certainly need a stellar resume. You see, competition is fierce and your really and truly need to stand out. After all, you only have 15 seconds to impress a potential employer so you've got to make every second count. Well, when you have a powerful resume in hand, you can impress and will get hired. A stellar resume causes a potential employer to stand up and take notice. In essence, it says, "Hey check me out-I've got what it takes to sell your pharmaceutical products."

But, how do you create such a phenomenal resume? Well, it really isn't that hard. Even if you're no professional resume writer or have never created a resume in your entire life, you can still razzle and dazzle potential employers with your resume writing skills. In this article, we'll tell you how to craft a great resume that gets you hired. So, put down the job ads and get ready to learn all about the persuasive art of writing great resumes.

1. First of all, you should know what a great resume looks like. To learn, visit your local library or book store and pick up some great resume books and peruse them. See what styles that really "tickle your fancy" and see which ones make you cringe with boredom. Figure out which ones work and which ones don't. Buy and study them and do your best to emulate the resume writing style.

2. Second, know the difference between a functional and a chronological resume and then decide which one would serve you best. For instance, if you're making a career change then you might craft up a functional resume that highlights your skills and qualifications. If however you're staying in the same field, a chronological resume would work best.

3. Third, make sure that your resume reflects your accomplishments and unique personality. Not only will this help you stand out from the competition but will also create an image of professionalism in the hiring manager's mind. Be careful to accentuate the positive and not the negative. For instance, if you're currently a homemaker but are trying to get into the sales field, perhaps you can include your volunteer opportunities and how your girl scout troop exceeded sales goals by 100%.

4. Fourth, make sure that your resume is a true representation of you. Don't embellish your strong points to simply make yourself sound good. Instead be honest but positive and make sure that you. It is never a good idea to misrepresent facts, exaggerate them, or lie on your resumes. Employers are like detectives and when they do background checks, they can find out about your untruths and this could be very bad indeed. Only use verifiable information.

5. Fifth, know that content and presentation is what counts the most. When you're crafting your new resume, make sure that it looks professional and contains absolutely no typing errors whatsoever. Use quality resume writing paper and try out various styles and fonts to really make it come alive. You might even consider adding a professional photograph to the top for sales resumes.

6. Sixth, remember that grammatical errors are intolerable. They not only signal that you're sloppy but also signify that you'll likely do a crappy job as well. And trust me, no employer wants to hire a sloppy worker. To be on the safe side, ask someone else to proof your resume when you're done proofing it to make sure that you don't miss any errors.

In conclusion, you can create an outstanding resume that attracts an employer's attention and helps you land that dream pharmaceutical job of your dreams. You simply have to put forth a little effort, some thought and let those qualifications shine through.