How To Cheat The Baggage Weight Limits

by : Victor Epand

It always seems remarkable how stringent the weight limit on baggage is for airlines. When one looks at the colossal size and weight of the aircraft you intend flying on, an extra couple of jumpers seems unlikely to cause any real great effort as far as getting the machine in the air is concerned.

However, we are powerless, most of us at least, to have any say over these limitations, and therefore it is necessary to take careful measures to make sure our luggage conforms to the requirements. However, there are a few relatively little known tricks used, most particularly by regular professional travelers, that can help to work in your favour.

Imagine the scenario of two travelers approaching the check in desk. One is quite clearly groaning with a bulging suitcase in each hand and a carryon bag over his shoulder which seems to be at serious risk of throttling its wearer. Next to this poor traveler is a cheery person with a suitcase which has no bulges and appears light and a carryon bag slung over one shoulder.

It is obvious that the first traveler has more luggage, and also that the luggage is far heavier and in need of weighing. It could well be however that the second person has a carryon bag that considerably exceeds the weight limit and also the size limit. Yet it is frequently the case that a traveler with an under packed suitcase will have the carryon bag overlooked. Whereas a traveler with a suitcase which clearly looks over packed will have all their bags checked.

It is always worth thinking carefully about how to reduce one's luggage. Making full use of a carryon bag and making every effort, even if just for a few minutes, to make the carryon bag over your shoulder look as though it weighs very little and has almost been forgotten about is likely to draw far less attention to itself than if you are clearly struggling to cope with its weight.

It is also worth considering a few lesser known psychological tricks, such as for example, the color of the bag and even having a jumper casually slung over it. An item slung over the bag will help to detract attention from any bulges, and also give the impression that the bag itself is of little consideration. Bags that are brightly colored, red, yellow, orange and blue, will appear bigger and more obvious than beige, brown or black bags do. These darker colors tend to make the shadows caused by bulges less significant.

Using such tricks it isn't possible to guarantee that you will be able to beat the weight limit, but it certainly is the case that many professional travelers have used these exact same techniques time and time again to get on board the plane with a bag that really has no business being with them. It is worth considering though what you would do if you were caught. You would then have the option of paying for the privilege of having your carryon bag taken from you, or discarding some items. This is where an under packed suitcase plays a good part, since you can simply transfer few items that you could manage without for a while. Although reducing your flexibility and security, it will ensure that you manage to take all of your items onto the plane with you.