Protecting Your Pets from Heat problems this summer

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Summer time is fast approaching and this is the best time we can spend quality time with our dogs. But we know that summer is not all fun & games be because we need to prepare ourselves from the tremendous heat that we are going to experience during this time of the year. We can always get out of the sun & cool ourselves whenever we feel we can't take the heat anymore but our four-footed friend doesn't have that luxury. And so, it is our responsibility to protect them & make sure they don't suffer the negative consequences of summer.

Here are some tips that will help you make your dogs feel cool despite the heat of the sun:

1. As much as possible, let your dogs inside the house during the hottest part of the day. During lunch time until the afternoon is where all living creatures experience tremendous heat. So giving your dogs some time in the house to be protected from the heat of the sun will surely help in keeping them cool & safe from heat stroke or exhaustion

2. Provide a shady area for your dog such as trees, patio, porch or roof. Trees are the best option in proving a shady area fro your dog.

3. Always prepare a clean bowl of water for your dog, If we look thirst for a cold water every time we feel hot because it refreshes our feeling, this is true as well for our beloved pets. Make sure that the water is always fresh so always replace it occasionally because water heats up as the time passes.

4. Just as humans go swimming to cool down, some pets also love to go swimming; this recreational activity can also be helpful in making your dogs feel cool during the hot summer days. And so it is a good idea to bring your dogs with you in your trips to beaches, this will also be a great time to spend some quality time with your pet.

5. If you notice that there is a abnormal behavior with your dog, or if you think he feels sick, call a veterinary immediately.