Peace Of Mind With A Security Camera

by : 60capp11

Security cameras have been a tremedous ally in the fight against crime reduction with more and more home and business owners relying on their presence to not only act as a "third eye" but to also give greater peace of mind.

Selecting the appropriate security camera for your environment, whether it be home or business, can present somewhat of a challenge. First of all, you need to disseminate what level of security coverage you require and then find the matching camera system. Is it a total coverage you're after of is it a system that will act as more of a deterrent? There is also other considerations to take into account such as whether you require both day and night time coverage, under roof coverage or outside surveillance.

Explaining Camera Types

There are several cameras on the market today all with different levels of capability. Let's take a look at some of the better known types:

- Dome Camera... As the name suggests, this camera has a dome like shape and is suitable for inside use. There are different levels of performance with the dome camera while others may or may not be tamper proof.
- Infrared... this is light from a different area than we are normally accustomed to seeing of the electromagnetic spectrum. The infrared lighting is installed outside of the cameras lens and allows it to capture a good image in total darkness. In low light the picture captured by infrared cameras looks just like one captured in the day time.
- Bullet Camera... Shaped like a bullet, this camera allows an angle view of up to 70 degrees and are in used in closed circuit applications. They have the ability to adapt from color in daytime black and white infrared when the levels of light begin to diminish.
- C-Mount... Lenses can be removed and replaced with this type of camera.The advantage with this is you can adapt to whatever level of distance coverage you require simply by fitting the appropriate lens.

As far as deciding which camera is best suited for your requirements I've always thought that applying the principle of choosing a camera that gives you the clearest picture with the best view, whether you need a wide shot or a close-up is a commonsense approach to take. Obviously, you are going to be dictated by budget and whether it's for home use or business use. Bullet cameras seem to be the most popular due to their adaptability for inside and outside use. Infrared ability is a big plus. Dome security cameras on the other hand have the ability to withstand excessive tampering and are ideal for use in a business environment. The shape of the dome camera makes it difficult to predict exactly where it is aiming; this is either a good or bad thing depending on one's level of enthusiasm to be caught on camera!

It may not be too far into the future when security cameras will be a compulsory part of our landscape and you will still get a debate or two about their effectiveness. While they haven't stopped crime in it's tracks, they have had a big impact in crime detection and follow up. Ask yourself this... would you have better peace of mind knowing your property was under security surveillance.