Stop Blaming Everyone Else For Your Stress

by : jayzn

You probably have some stress in your life; maybe a lot of it, maybe less of it. There are many different ways of dealing with your stress, and some people deal with it by taking it out on the people around them.

I am sure you can imagine that this is not the best of things to do for your relationships. In fact, doing so can further increase your stress around your relationships, both personal and professional.

Of course, if you want to improve your relationships then you need to learn how to manage your stress without taking it out on those around you.
When you get stressed, it's very easy to get overwhelmed by it all. This can mean that you react in an irrational manner without truly thinking through what you are doing and the effect it will have.

As soon as something starts to stress you, take a few very deep breaths from the bottom of your stomach. If it is possible, walk away from the stressful situation and give yourself a bit of time to get over it before you interact with other people again. This will give you enough time to refocus yourself mentally.

Another option is to seek some help from a professional counselor, psychologist or similar advisor. This can help you get some insights into your situation and also help you to manage them better. It can help you to relate better to your stress and to let it go before it harms your relationships. Remember that excessive stress can harm your personal and your professional relationships.

You may also be getting stressed about things that just aren't real. You may be getting stressed over something you are imagining, something you are worrying about, or even something that you do not have all the facts about. Quite often if you only have half the information about a situation it's extremely difficult to make a balanced judgment. The half you do have may be just enough to make you worry or stress.

Often when stressed you find yourself falling into a cycle of negative thoughts. These in turn make you more stressed. If you can start to recognize and challenge these thoughts through questioning them then you can break the cycle. As you start to break the cycle more and more you will find you can get into the habit of positive thinking, which will make you feel much more positive.

Stress can be caused by fear, and often you do not know where these fears come from. A fear can come from very strange places and if you do not understand them then they can seem very overwhelming.

Taking responsibility for your life is the first step in changing it. When you realize that you are the only person who can change the stress in your life, then you will begin to change it. This awareness is the start of your transformation and move away from stress.