Backgammon Board Set-up

by : pilkster

If you want to learn to play backgammon and you already know how to play checkers it would be piece of cake as it is very muck like checkers. Basically it is the same concept except some little differences. The board set up is quite simple and you can have a backgammon game ready to be played in a couple of minutes.

Backgammon set up is easy. Both the game pieces and the board come in the same box. The more experienced players may already own a complete set with board and game pieces; they could choose to personalize it.

You can purchase the boards from any game store or department. They are pretty cheap and are perfect gifts for your kinds or friends.

Into a backgammon box you should find a board and thirty checkers of two colors. Take out the board from the box and split the game pieces by color, one color for each of the two players. They will be placed on the board in a specific order before the game starts.

Also in the box should be a pair of dice which will be rolled and each player will take turn and move his checkers with the number marked on the dice to the opposite end of the board.

Each player will try to get all of his fifteen checkers to the home board and then bear them off. The first player to bear off all of their checkers wins the game.

It is a very fun game that you can even play on the go. The board set up is fun and easy and the clean up is even faster. If you choose for a travel board, they are smaller and more compact so they are easier to keep in the car or in the office so you can play the game whenever and where you please. The game cases are useful for keeping all the pieces together so you don't misplace them.

You can even choose to have your game board and checkers custom made. They can be made of wood, plastic or even glass if you want. And if you like to play a lot you can have them made from lasting material so they don't get worn out for several years.