Shooting Stars Tattoos

by : pilkster

The universe has always attracted the attention of ancient civilizations, including the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman. Mesoamerican cultures such as the Mayan were immersed in astrology and astronomy since the beginning of times, but the magic of Shooting Stars Tattoos was something that they never considered to catch those errant stars.

Because all tattoos have a symbolic meaning that everybody or just one person can appreciate, the individual who wants to have them can only determine the importance of wearing a Shooting Star Tattoo. Actually, most people associate them with the firmament and also with a sort of magic, that mankind has always wanted to learn.

Traditional Shooting Stars Tattoos usually include a trail of delicate smaller stars, multicolored, in contrasting color or with special pigments to remark the magic of this particular design. Trails can elongate as much as necessary, making this the ideal designs for wearing on the arm, legs or back.

A few people dare to wear petite and subtle Shooting Stars Tattoos on their cheeks, which look terrific when a skill artist is chosen to perform this work. Shooting Stars are also associated with Fantasy Tattoos and Fairy Tattoos, so they can be a stand-alone designs, or part of a composition of forms.

Almost any star can serve for the purpose of designing Shooting Stars Tattoos, with the exception of the Star Nautical, the Star of David and the different types of pentacles associated with New Age beliefs. Although, it will always be possible to attach a trail of small star to these images, you may obtain unexpected results.

Shooting Stars Tattoos can be stylized or have a cartoon-like look; the appearance of your tattoo is a matter of your personal choice. Sometimes star shapes or trails are combined in tribal art, particularly Celtic designs, that sometimes are thought to have powers of their own, and otherwise they are just an attractive body decoration.

Stars have been part of our galaxy for probably billions of years, and even knowing the scientific cause of the Shooting Stars crossing the firmament, people are still captivated by their metaphysical sortilege. The mystery will remain but Shooting Stars Tattoos are a reality whenever you want to have one.

We can easily say that there are as many variants of these tattoos as stars are in the sky. Everything matters when choosing the most appropriate for your personality, browsing among all the available designs or even better, designing your own tattoo to reflect what a shooting star means to you.