Marbella Hot Tub - Why Buy

by : John Lewis

Why buy a Jacuzzi Spa Hot Tub is it that ever so nice warm feeling as you enter the soothing water or perhaps the social aspects of entertaining friends anf family.

Or perhaps it is the Hydrotherapy provided by that pleasant flow of water from the Massage Jets?

Is it the fact the using a Jacuzzi benefits mind body and spirit so well and all at the same time?

When using a Jacuzzi the warm water allows the blood vessels in the body to dilate so increasing the flow of blood and with it the supply of nutrients.

The massage Jets soothe the tissues and help to release those built up strains and tensions in the body particularly in the neck and shoulders.

Perhaps it is the social aspect of enjoying pleasant times with your family and friends?

Is it for essential reasons like the lady who cannot get to sleep with out using a Jacuzzi?

Is it the increased and better sleep that one enjoys when using a Jacuzzi?

No, it is I believe a combination of all those but put simply you want a better lifestyle and quality of life.

Now let us have a quick look at what features you should look for in a Hot Tub.

Properly made and designed Hot Tubs should have the very latest in design and in this article; I set out a couple of brief points that need to be taken into account when you are choosing a Spa that is namely Energy Conservation Systems and Manifold Plumbing.

Energy Conservation Systems

One example is that in today's modern age, one must consider energy efficiency and as one example does it have an Energy Saver System built into the Hot Tub. Combine this with the ability to run on say only 16 amp as opposed to many cheap eastern imports, which more often than not have a high amperage requirement.

A hot tub needs to have an energy saver system to be more economical in use and to be more green to the planet - obviously, an energy efficient hot tub will save the consumer money and use less precious energy thereby reducing ones carbon footprint, which is very politically correct.

Some mass manufacturers use full-foam when they make their Hot Tubs and these are in my view and that of very large American manufacturers an old design, as they need to be able to vent off the motor-generated heat to the outside air where of course the latent heat contained win in the unit is just simply wasted. Now when a modern Hot Tub has an energy saver system the heat produced by the mechanical equipment in the Spa is re used for the Spa rather than just vented and wasted way to the outside so it must obviously be more efficient.

The way an energy saver system works is simply to conserve the heat generated by the operating components so that it can be recycled, and used again.

As water, flows through the pipes and plumbing towards the jets it can draw in air to make a water air mixture by an action, which is known as venturi. This air for the venturi effect is in fact taken from the pocket of warm air created by the Insulation on the shell and the cabinet. Not only is this warm air recycled and used agian to warm the water in your jets, but it also helps to maintain the water temperature and thus saves energy and indeed the user money as it will help to reduce the electricity used.

I have heard it said that one of the largest manufacturers in the worls fully foam their spas to keep the noise of the pipes down. That is what their retail dealers tell the public. That is just poppy cock, as a properly designed spa will not make much noise. They usually have to do this, as the shell is not as strong as it should be hence the need for the full foam reinforcement. If such a spa has a leak it is very difficult to trace as the leak is usually behind the foam.

Manifold Plumbing

Old fashioned hot tub manufacturers and indeed those hot tubs that are not made to the very latest designs and standards use linked, jet-to-jet plumbing systems which can often result in the very first jet in the line being very powerful and the last jet being much less so.

A spa manifold plumbing system is designed to automatically balance the water pressure and even out the water distribution system such innovative designs means that it is possible to reduce the number of actual plumbing joints and in so doing so this helps to maximize the flow of water

This manifold system allows everyone in your spa to enjoy equal jet power - not just the person who happens to be sitting in front of the first jet in the line! The more modern manufacturers construct and build into their plumbing systems two types of pipes - one that is designed specifically for air, and the other designed specifically for water. Where an out of date manufacturer or perhaps a cheap import may use the same type of plumbing and piping throughout the Spa in those circumstances, leaks may arise over time. The better makers do not cut corners to build a cheaper product - they build spas to last! That way there products are recommended by end users and a strong loyalty brand is formed.

As always it pays to buy a product from a long established manufacturer one who has a reputation of dealing with warranty issues should they arise? Watch out for the cheap imports from the easy often labeled with American names but their build quality is regretfully of a much lower standard then their American counterparts.