Weight Loss Program

by : Robert Gill

A lot of people on different diets and weight loss programs are unsuccessful in losing weight. Generally, it's not that they haven't put in the effort to lose weight, but it's likely that their obesity was not precisely targeted.

Many diets leave you feeling hungry throughout the day and this is not how your body was designed to function. If your food is giving you sufficient nutrients to meet your energy requirements, then you shouldn't feel hungry. Any diet, then, that keeps you in a state of hunger is destined to fail as you will find it too difficult to maintain.

In an effort to lose weight, don't just assume, for example, that you can control your weight simply by eating natural products only. Some of these products act only as diuretics, causing a temporary loss of water and give you a false impression that you are losing weight quickly.

The best natural products to eat each day are fresh fruit and vegetables. You can feel assured while eating these that you will have an abundance of the necessary vitamins and minerals to enable your body to function properly.

Maintaining muscle mass while on a weight loss program is one of the essential aspects you will need to concentrate on as this will assist in keeping your fat percentage down. Ultra low diets, for example, need to be avoided as the body will react by eating into its own muscle tissue as a defense mechanism.

You only need look at some of the slim fashion models who exhibit high body fat levels in proportion to their stature. This is because they have done little exercise or resistance training to maintain muscle mass levels, coupled with the likelihood of them being on a low quality diet.

It would be very beneficial to these models if they added exercise and resistance training to their daily routine. They would still be able to retain their slim figures, but their percentage of body fat would be lower and they would look better toned.

Conventional dieting, though, just doesn't work as far as permanent weight loss is concerned. Yo-yo dieting in particular can have a detrimental effect on your body, causing your metabolism to change and you will find a greater reduction in calories is needed to maintain your new weight.

The most effective way to lose weight safely and permanently is to adopt a natural eating style, a style that is readily available. You are not deprived of food, 4 meals are available daily, there is an unlimited food choice for each meal, you won't feel hungry.

So, how is weight loss achieved with this program? The principle of "shifting calories" is involved with the foods you eat at each meal, like proteins and carbs, in accordance with a particular schedule. The four meals you eat each day are evenly spaced as possible so that you eat fewer calories at each meal. Eating this way ensures that you burn fat efficiently and you lose weight. It's possible to lose 9 pounds in 11 days with the shifting calories method of eating.