Some Helpful Accuracy Golf Training Tips

by : Kerry Ng

How to Hit Further And Straighter And Eliminate Hooks And Slices

Every avid golfer has a desire to improve their game. Who doesn't want to improve their accuracy, power and control? Just in the industry of golf training tools is a rapidly growing industry. Most of these tools are easy to use and do not cost much. Golf, being a middle-class game, doesn't necessarily mean that people enjoy paying more for a good accuracy golf training aid. Not having an accurate game is another important area where amateur and professional golfers miss a trick or two when they fail to concentrate on using training aids, to improve their par game. A good accuracy golf training aid is helpful for shaving a bogey off the golfer's card and may even help add a birdie, eagle or albatross to the game score. Here are just a few helpful accuracy golf training aids that will help the golfers improve on their game in all aspects.

The Amazing Assist Swing Trainer has helped thousands of golfers experience the thrill of better golf. This includes hitting longer and more accurate shots which helps lower their scores. This particular accuracy golf training aid has a precision bent shaft, which exaggerates the release with a force that is estimated to be approximately 16 times more than six iron and is used to teach the correct hand action for longer, straighter shots and at the same time eliminates slicing.

This is considered to be one of the world's best-selling swing trainer and helps the golfer by automatically helping to perfect the swing, develops the muscle memory to help groove the perfect swing and teaches the right release to enable hitting straighter without hooking or slicing. It will also strengthen the golf muscles to improve distance dramatically and it can be used anywhere and in any season. It's priced at $64.00 at the time of this writing.

Another accuracy golf training aid, very similar to the Assist, is golf's newest miracle club, The Swing Perfecter. This training tool is the latest training novelty from the Matzie Golf Company. This product is very similar to the Assist and has basically all of the same features that have made the Assist famous. The biggest difference is the golfers can now hit balls with the Perfecter, which was not the case with the Assist. The Perfecter will allow the golfer to experience the thrill of hitting more accurately and more consistently. Its precision bent shaft imparts of force much greater than a 7 iron and it also teaches the golfer the right hand action and release, to hit longer and more accurately, eliminating sliced shots at the same time. It's price at $64.00 at the time of this writing.

The Velvet Touch Gripmaster is a chipper that is guaranteed to help lower a golfer's score by improving the consistency and accuracy through the use of a putter stroke that handles the delicate chip-n-run shots, admirably. It is manufactured out of soft brass to give an excellent feel and provide a sure touch. It's priced at $54.00 at the time of this writing.