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Boxing With Bayonets By A Faith Called Chaos
The space around our carved hearts Is littered with, evidence
Blue By A Perfect Circle
I didn't want to know I just didn't want to know Best
Brena By A Perfect Circle
My reflection wraps and pulls me under healing waters to be
Bouc Emissaire By A Perfect Murder
When You've Done Something That Effects Me And The Life I
Breakaway By A Side
Nobody asked for forever Nobody wished for goodbye After the
Bear Trap By A Static Lullaby
Engraved with the notion that love lies under the sheets And
Boogie Oogie Oogie By A Taste Of Honey
If you're thinkin' you're too cool to boogie Boy oh boy
Baby Phife's Return By A Tribe Called Quest
Phife: The mad man malik makes mcs run for milk of
Bonita Applebum By A Tribe Called Quest
Intro: Q-Tip Do I love you? Do I lust for you? Am I
Buggin' Out By A Tribe Called Quest
[Phife Dawg] Yo, microphone check one two what is this The five
Butter By A Tribe Called Quest
Verse One: Phife Dawg 1988 Senior Year, Garvey High Where all the
Beautiful Girl Disease By A Wilhelm Scream
You're gonna make them feel loved. They'll have an angel where
Most times I'm listening; same words, same ringing in my
Brand New Me, Same Shitty You By A Wilhelm Scream
Catch me. I'm a wreck who let my conscience down. I
Back For More By A*Teens
(When you think the party's over, look over your shoulder,
Bounce With Me By A*Teens
(get set, ready, go!) Let's put the week behind us It is
Big Old Tree By A-aardvarks
i'm just an old oak tree"
I used to be so sensible on my own Now
Hey listen honey Something you should know This can't wait I've been meaning
Birthright By A-Ha
You don’t wanna hang around Said you were leaving town
Baila By A.5
Rap: I´m the hero, the big warrior Mi Fiesta es
Better Than Most By A.C. Newman
Better than most at feeling your pain, Walking wounded through the
Boys By A.K.A
When I was walking down the street I saw you looking
Big As The Sky By A.M. Sixty
Every time I go to bed I dream of you Every
Siento caer la lluvia en mi, mojando las heridas que dejo