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Charlie Charlie By A Camp
I met a boy called Charlie Charlie On the 4th
Crown of Thorns By A Covenant of Thorns
I've made my decisions But this is not what I
Circa '98 By A Faith Called Chaos
She kept me inside Long enough to hear her teeth
Choke By A Perfect Circle
Writhing in love you swear what you feel is real Bending your
Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window Go
Crimes By A Perfect Circle
One...two...three Four...five...six Seven...eight...nine Nine...nine...nine Ten...ten...ten...ten
Cease To Suffer By A Perfect Murder
Diving head first into this hopeless world. I was born to
Choke By A Perfect Murder
The times we had shared the same ideals The times we
Crucified By Fear By A Perfect Murder
You pray to a god that's dead. You just want to
Closer To You By A Side
Closer to you by Gino PadillaCLOSER YOU AND I Gino
Calmer Than You Are By A Static Lullaby
Tickle me pink with laughter Backwards we wind up spinning Another shot
Cash Cowbell By A Static Lullaby
The cash cow is feeding us Someone we don't know is
Charred Fields Of Snow By A Static Lullaby
Why us? Why us? Right back down This Touch, last touch, this
Contagious By A Static Lullaby
So child, we have to see this through The choking has
Can I Kick It? By A Tribe Called Quest
Talking at the beginning: Hey y'all, we is havin a ball, And
Check The Rhime By A Tribe Called Quest
[Q] Back in the days on the boulevard of Linden We
Clap Your Hands By A Tribe Called Quest
[Chorus] (*scratching* - "Clap your hands now") [Phife] Brothas know the flavs when
Common Ground By A Tribe Called Quest
who that at the door? yo tip its her..yo whatchu doin here,
Crew By A Tribe Called Quest
Intro: q-tip Just a lil somethin-somethin About the cats who be fronting You
Cancer Dream By A Wilhelm Scream
You knew it all, Inside your head was graceful. You knew suffering
Catharsis For Dummies By A Wilhelm Scream
I can't tell which lights to go through and you
Class Of '97 By A Wilhelm Scream
How much more could you ask for? It's been three years
Congratulations By A Wilhelm Scream
There's a waiting list to the bottom, under you. Ex-husbands, romantics
doot doot doot (I just can't help falling in love
Can't Stop The Pop By A*Teens
Everybody's looking for a place to go Sick of watching