Buying a Wow Account May be the Answer

by : Amelie Mag

Have you ever wanted to be a heroic paladin? Perhaps, instead, you've always wanted to be a wizard, throwing sparks from the ends of your fingers? Or, perhaps a sneaky rogue is more your type? Whatever your wish, a wow account can provide it. World of Warcraft is the online MMO from Blizzard that has become the most widely online played game ever made. Over 9 million people have made wow accounts and are now immersed in a rich and beautiful fantasy world, filled with strange creatures and heroic quests.

One of the primary reasons people get wow accounts, though, is because of the people. World of Warcraft offers a community of gamers and a rich culture has grown up around the game. From starting a guild, or group of players who fight together, to simply hanging out with a few friends separated by real life distance, a wow account is often a way to engage with friends in a deeper way than is possible with email or chat programs. World of Warcraft offers almost unprecedented possibilities for communication and friendship, especially now that it has such a large user base.

Of course, the one limitation on that communication is your character's level, or amount of skill. Though characters can gain experience through playing, it takes time, and what may be fun for one player's wow account character may not be challenging at all for another. You may not be able to do a lot of the things a friend wants to do simply because it would be too dangerous.

One solution players have found is premade wow accounts. By purchasing a character that can survive more dangerous parts of the wow universe, they're able to see more of it sooner. No longer do they hold back their friends or risk their character's lives in dangerous areas. Others simply want to avoid parts of the game they see as a grind, places that are simply boring to them. Whatever the reason, it's no wonder buying and selling wow accounts has become so popular. Though it is technically against the terms and conditions set out by Blizzard, it is still widely done. By all appearances most get away with it as well, since the number of sites willing to sell a wow account seems high, with some even offering guarantees against detection and wow account loss.

It seems entirely possible that buying wow accounts is a plausible way to avoid parts of the game that are simply difficult or dull. While some may disagree, and Blizzard certainly does, the ease with which it can be done can certainly make the offer tempting to many players. Odds are, as much as Blizzard tries to restrict activity like this, it will continue and possibly even grow. On the good side, it doesn't seem to have affected the game, and a surprising number of players support it. There may come a time in the future when buying a wow account is seen as just another way to play the game, and a perfectly legitimate one.