Increased Web Site Traffic

By: Nina Amir

Would it help your business if you were the author of numerous articles, an ebook or various guides? Would it boost your career to write for professional journals? Could you increase traffic to your web site by having news releases and articles picked up by e-zines that cater to your industry and that are read by people interested in your product or service? Or have you simply dreamed of one day writing articles, essays, ops eds, or books for your local newspaper or your favorite publications?

Whether you feel the need or simply have the desire to write, you can get started on your publishing career today. In the process, you can give yourself expert status, boost traffic to your web site, reach new career goals, improve your visibility on the Internet, and see your dreams of being a published writer come true.

How do you accomplish all this? By taking the following steps.

Step 1: Know what you want to write about. The best advice for any writer has always been to write about what you know. Journalists interview experts so they, themselves, become the experts on a subject. If you are the expert on a subject, simply write about that subject. If you want to be the expert, then you need to start researching and learning about your subject. Then, when you know everything you can, you are ready to write about it.

Step 2: Know your article form. Assuming you are writing an article, you need to know what form your article will take

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