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The Liquor Booty Innovation... What is it?

The patent pending Liquor Booty is a stylish and reusable liquor pour spout cover. - Choose a classy alternative to paper cups & plastic condiment holders when covering expensive liquor bottles in your establishment.

Protect your investment of expensive liquor by keeping the fruit flies out with the liquor booty!

The liquor booty is specifically designed for use in establishments such as restaurants, hotels, oudoor bars, casinos, cruise ships, sports bars & anywhere liquor is served or stored.

The liquor booty can feature custom or decorative logos, characters, sports teams, and the designs can be applied directly to the liquor booty. Offered in a variety of colors, the liquor booty is completely customizeable.

The liquor booty inhibits fruit flies, insects, dust and airborne bacteria from contacting a liquor pour spout.

Product Specifications

* Stylish

* Convenient

* Sanitary

* Compact

* Lightweight

* Washable & Reusable

* Inexpensive

* Environmentally Friendly

Plus... The LiquorBooty is just plain fun. Class up your establishment with the visually appealing, one-of-a-kind LiquorBooty.

Improve Your Image...

Show your patrons and customers that you're "going green" supporting our planet, and doing your part to save our environment.

The liquor booty demonstrates to your customers that you have an environmentally conscience images, VS paper cups, or plastic condiments cups, that simply get thrown away, going straight into our planet's already overcrowded landfills.

Save Money

No more throwing money away on paper cups & plastic condiments cups over and over again. The liquor booty is 100% washable, and resuable.

The liquor booty is constructed from surgical-grade, anti-bacterial neoprene. This high quality choice of material WILL NOT "GUM-UP" or STICK TO A LIQUOR POUR SPOUT COVER.

Why Choose Liquor Booty?

Soon, the Health Department and the Alcohol Beverage Commission may require all liquor bottles to possess and anti-bacterial cover during regular use. Stay ahead of compliance issues and regulatory agencies with the simple & inexpensive, money-saving solution that is THE LIQUOR BOOTY!

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