Homebrewing And You

What is the question that I get asked so many times on this journey of beer?

Theres so many that want to learn, and if they knew it was so easy they would have done it from day one. Thats why we brew beer to take the strains and the stresses of the day off.As I write this very first article I think to myself, What will the readers think? What kind of sweet sticky wort is on there minds? Is it the bitter sweet taste of a fresh brewed Pale Ale, Or the thoughts of a malty Carmel Bock? I also wonder if there is maybe a new brewer reading this for the first time. In either case I want to get to what the ready really wants to read about and that is the true process of brewing.

We don't just simply grind out grains, measure our hops and hope for the best. Or do we over think the whole process. As a first time brewer would maybe over think making an All Grain brew. But really no need to over think it. It truly is a simple process. If you can make tea you can brew a tasty batch of the hoppy liquid we call beer.

Food for the thought of our imaginations, Food for the thought of our thirsty lips as we dream about that next tasty English Bitter. For heavens sake the thoughts have my mouth watering for the Oktoberfest thats sitting in my chest fridge right now. Or maybe for some it's an Alt Bier, Or another a tasty dark Stout. Whatever the case maybe keep dreaming about the next great adventure in brewing.:)

As Always, BREW ON!!!!!

Shawn Burgy

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