Boring Old Coffee?

Are you one of those die-hard traditionalists that thinks that Starbucks is an affront to everything that is good and righteous in this world? Or do you just think that all those fancy options you have for your coffee today are perversions on what is a very fine drink all by itself?

If this sounds like you, don't be embarrassed. You're not alone. There are plenty of people that think that no one should have ever "messed with" their perfect morning beverage and many who think that all those fancy flavors of coffee are just a scam meant to take advantage of those who want to appear trendy. But if you can set that aside for just a moment, consider that sometimes something becomes popular for a reason - after all, if the only flavor of ice cream made was vanilla you'd get a little bored pretty soon, wouldn't you? You appreciate a wide variety of ice cream flavors, and in the same way, if you just give them a try you might appreciate some varieties of coffee flavors.

Maybe part of the problem you have with some of the flavored coffee beverages you've tried is that you've only experimented with some of the cheaper versions available at the supermarket or some fast food restaurant. To really appreciate the variety of coffee flavors available, you should instead try some high-quality options.

Some reasons for why high-quality varieties make such a difference are not always in the coffee bean itself. Most growers and harvesters get the same exact beans from the same types of crops. Instead, those who develop more high-quality flavors put more time and effort into the proper preparation of their beverage. Roasting technique is very important to the flavor; this is true not just of coffee but of foods like peanut butter. If you've ever noticed a difference in taste between two brands of peanut butter, keep in mind that peanuts are peanuts. The difference is probably in how one manufacturer roasted those peanuts, and then in the additional ingredients added after that. Like any type of cooking or baking, preparing flavored coffee is as much art as it is science. The proportion of water used, the time it takes to brew, the machines used to brew it, and the additional ingredients that give it its flavor will also greatly affect how flavored coffee will taste in the end.

If you haven't yet tried a popular option when it comes to flavored coffee, maybe it's time to set this aside and invest the few dollars needed to try some high-quality products. Who knows, you may actually change sides and be one of those that can't live without your mocha frappacino rather than one of those thinking they're just plain silly!

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