Choosing An Espresso Coffee Maker

Choosing an espresso coffee maker isn't just determined by price. Many people have rushed in and bought a coffee maker simply because they thought that it's price dictated how good or efficient the machine was. This can be a costly mistake. Be careful not to over capitalize!

An espresso maker should basically suit your needs. That's it. If you are a light coffee drinker then you won't be needing a cafe style machine that can produce cups of coffee en masse. There are basically three styles of makers to consider: manual, semi automatic and totally automatic.

Manual Coffee Maker

The manual espresso coffee maker is designed with the coffee purist in mind. It's somewhat of a challenge to use for an inexperienced drinker and requires a little practice before producing a drink you are satisfied with. In my case, I went through a little trial and error before mastering the process and point blank refused to subject any of my house guests to any sample until I was confident that I could produce a satisfying result. I learnt quickly. I found that producing a perfect shot of espresso with these machines relied on the timing of the pull on the lever and after awhile, it became second nature.

The disadvantage of a manual machine is obviously that it's not suitable for entertaining a large group of people but they are very easy to maintain and clean. For a one or two a day coffee drinker, they are ideal.

Going Semi Automatic

The semi automatic espresso coffee maker provides a good balance for those who want some manual input in conjuction with some automatic features. Manual operation includes starting the extraction process with the push of a button and then switching it off once the coffee has been extracted. The milk frothing process also requires manual input and also some good judgement. The advantage these machines have over the full manual operated makers is you can produce cups of coffee more quickly hence they are suitable for servicing an extra guest or two.

Totally Automatic!

The totally automatic machines work in much the same way as the semi models with one difference. They are a one touch performance maker and once they have been activated, any involvement from the operator then basically becomes negligible. From grinding the beans to extraction, and frothing the milk, these machines are the "rolls royce" of makers. They are so technologically enhanced that they even possess self cleaning ability.

Before you choose your espresso coffee maker do some due diligence. See the machines in operation first hand. Ask for references from people you know who own a machine. You need to decide whether you're happy to put in the extra effort and work a manual machine or whether you want the "grunt" work taken out of the equation and are happy to go automatic. When you have decided, then price comes into the equation!

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