Coffee or Espresso?

Many people love their coffee and for many different reasons. Some people love the pick me up while some enjoy the flavor; some like to sit and sip while some need to take in as much as possible on the go and in a hurry. If you feel that you would like to tailor the coffee that you drink to being your own then you should certainly do that as you try to make your coffee the ultimate product for your own individual tastes. That is what we are all doing in this life; trying to make things amendable to our own individual flavor while remaining true to our own core principles.

Coffee or Espresso is For the Individual to Decide

Many people who are a great fan of coffee find that their tastes evolve into espresso later on in their coffee drinking careers. It's a little bit like beer versus vodka as the strength of espresso is greater and the quantity is less. There are many who are lifelong beer drinkers and that is a fine thing; there are also people who pick up a six pack once and a while but primarily keep themselves glued to the hard liquor. So it is the same for people who are finding their favored caffeine intake. A recent sampling of coffee from a gevalia coffee maker made me realize how much I now prefer espresso - I guess I've grown up!

If it is coffee then that is a fairly straightforward idea; upon first glance. Espresso may be the same were it not for all the variations on the simple intake of espresso that there, in fact, are available to the consumer. However when you begin to consider all the variances in espresso uptake by way of cappuccino, latte, and the like then you similarly need to consider all the potential downside of things having to do with coffee drinks like the flavored coffee and even the misto (espresso & coffee!) to muddy the water.

Lovely Is the Word To Symbolize Everything

If you are a little bit confused by all the variables having to do with coffee drinks then you are not alone. You need to just take the information in, do with it what you will, and move on with your life. It shouldn't stress you out too much and you shouldn't belabor the point. In an ideal world we would all be able to have coffee when we want and have espresso when we want and some of us are able to do that. For those of us who are not then there is seldom else to do but take a deep breath, muster up all the courage inside, and figure out when you are able to have which, the one you would rather have more, and move on from there. It's an equation that we all should be so lucky to be plagued with.

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