Consider This When Buying Your Coffee Maker

People can be very passionate about coffee. They can tell how long the beans were roasted with the first sip… Not everyone is so dedicated, but most people do like a decent cup. The explosion in cafe culture has meant that we now know what a mocha latte is, and we want to drink it at home! There are so many varieties of coffee maker available that it can be bewildering.

How To Choose The Coffee Machine That's Right For You

Automatic Drip Machine

These are still the most popular for everyday use. This kind of machine can utilise all coffee grounds from the finest to the most coarse. It also works extremely fast. Depending on the size of the jug, it can make a full pot of coffee in under 10 minutes - a real boon if you're always dashing in the morning and need your shot of caffeine!

There is an automatic drip machine to suit everyone. Small ones make around 4 cups which would be perfect for a single person or a dorm. If you have a large family or drink gallons of coffee, a 12 cup maker would be better.


Percolators used to be state-of-the-art, but now seem rather dated. They take boiling water from the bottom of the percolator, to the grounds at the top, via a tube. Unfortunately, they take twice as long to make coffee as the automatic drip machine, but they do make a very good, full-bodied cup.

Espresso Machine

The small cup that packs a big punch can only be made in a proper espresso machine. 1.5 ounces of water is pumped through the finest coffee grounds which are tightly packed. This is what gives espresso its' intense flavour. An espresso from one of these machines before you leave the house will have you up and running in no time!

French Press

These elegant and simple coffee makers are reminiscent of the boulevards of Paris. They can be small enough for a single cup, or can make several at a time. Presses work by forcing almost boiling water through very fine coffee grounds. This method makes the most of the scent and flavour of the coffee. A cup made by this method is meant to be drunk straight away as it won't keep hot.

Just remember that the water is heated in a kettle, not the coffee maker, so prepare the press while the kettle boils. Coffee grounds always seem to find their way to the bottom of the cup so give this one a miss if you hate gritty bits in your mouth!

One Cup Automatic

These are the latest innovation in coffee makers, and mean that you can enjoy a cup of coffee-shop coffee whenever you want it. These machines vary tremendously in what they offer. Some use single-use filters filled with grounds, and others use coffee 'syrup'. With the ease and constant freshness of sealed packets, you can enjoy a 'professional' cup of coffee within one minute.

Five Things To Consider When Buying A Coffee Maker

1. What drinks do you prefer? If you love cappuccino, you'll need a frothing attachment.

2. Who will be using the machine the most? Will they love lots of controls or prefer a simple system?

3. How many aspects of the cup of coffee do you want control over? Check the user controls.

4. Will you really use all the fancy styles of coffee or stick with one or two?

5. Some degree of maintenance is necessary unless you choose a self-cleaning machine.

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