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Percolating coffee, although reminiscent of the days of the fifties housewife, are definitely not known for brewing the best coffee. It can be amusing to watch boiling water forced up through a small tube by pressure flows over the grounds found in a basket.

However, there was a new method for brewing coffee on its way. In the 1970's the drip machine was invented. It was highly enjoyed by people because it was inexpensive and added perfected the taste of the coffee. Coffee ended up in a glass pot by allowing almost boiling water to flow through the coffee and a filter and then into the pot below.

Then later, the pod coffee came along. This is a pre-packaged pod of coffee that works with a specific machine. This allows many elements to be adjusted to the brew. The coffee is made by the water flowing through internal spouts that ensure that water is evenly distributed over the coffee. Whether the filter is cone shaped or flat, the water should be near 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

This was followed closely by the espresso maker which became highly sought by the coffee lovers of the world. The combination of European culture and American technology, coffee was now tasting better and costing less while maintaining the flavor. The hot water is forced using pressure through very finely ground coffee that must be roasted to dark. Often within seconds the coffee is ready. The same machine is able to steam and froth milk in order to make the every so popular cappuccino and latte. Coming up with new inventions from the espresso maker has become an art. I recently purchased a Jura coffee machines and it's completely amazing!

Then the French plunger arrived. This is definitely a European style of making coffee. This is where a metal rod is found through the center of a glass cylinder. Then the container has a handle on the top. At the bottom of the container is a filter which fits tightly inside of the container. The grounds go into the container and then the almost boiler water goes in over it. The grounds are pressed with the plunger and steep at the same time. This style of brewing coffee typically results in a full bodied coffee.

Then there is the vacuum brewer. This is two glass or metal bowls that are found one on top of the other. The heat will cause the water to rise similar to the percolator. Then the heat is removed and when the liquid cools there is a partial vacuum created. The hot water is drawn through the grounds and ends up in the lower chamber. This is quite a popular method for dinner parties because it can be brewed right at the table and creates an incredibly fresh cup of coffee.

It is hard to call any of these methods of brewing coffee new because in some way they do date back centuries. The Ibrik which originates from Turkey may be one of the oldest methods. This is where water is heated in brass or copper. The container has a long handle with a tongue that is grooved. The coffee should be finely ground and is directly added to the hot water. It is then poured to enjoy. It is a strong cup of coffee and is enjoyed unfiltered.

Each coffee lover has their brewing preference and all different methods produce different tastes. Every method should be tested so each coffee lover can find their favorite. There is a definite history lessen in every cup and may spark new ideas.

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