Hosting a Coffee Party

Whether shared between colleagues in the break room, sipped after a family meal or savored during conversation with friends, coffee is a fixture on the American social scene. After experiencing a surge of popularity in the 1990s, coffee is now so entrenched in our culture that the idea of the traditional tea party has given way to the "coffee party".

Coffee parties offer friends a chance to gather and enjoy each other’s company along with a hot cup of a favorite brew. Sound like an inviting experience? If so, here are some ideas for hosting a delightful coffee party for you and your friends:

* Send invitations to your friends, instead of just an e-mail or phone call. This adds a special touch that everyone can appreciate.
* Let the coffee be the star of the show. Have a variety of brews and flavorings on hand for your guests to try. It’s easier than you think when you brew your drinks using a single cup coffee maker. Be it a Senseo, Melitta or Keurig coffee machine, your guests will love how quick and easy it is to make their favorite coffee. Single cup brewers can make one cup in less than a minute - there’s no mess and no waiting to finish the pot before trying a different coffee blend.
* Use decorative mugs and plates to serve your guests - these can be fun, colorful dishes or something more dainty and sophisticated, whatever suits the mood.
* Make your coffee party a special event. Put up decorations, be they simple flower arrangements or multi-colored streamers.
* Play up your indulgences. Serve finger foods and bite-sized desserts, such as biscotti, lady fingers or mini-muffins. Get your friends involved by asking everyone to bring his or her favorite baked goods.
* Give your coffee party a special theme. Whether it’s a going-away party, a Hawaiian luau-styled event or an occasion to dress in formal wear, your coffee party is sure to be a hit.
* Enjoy the company. Whether you’re exchanging books, playing board games, watching a movie or just catching up with one another, the point of the coffee party is to have a good time with the people you care about.

Remember, all it takes is a little imagination and a few good friends to make your coffee party a big success.

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