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Dome coffee is a chain of caf? restaurants and franchises based in Perth, Australia. Dome coffee was founded in Perth in the early 1990s. Dome is one of Australia's favorite coffee houses. Being a dominant chain of caf?, you can easily land yourself into a Dome coffee franchises if you visit the western part of Australia. Now there are more than 70 Dome coffee franchises in Australia, south East Asia and you can even enjoy a nice cup of fine Dome coffee if you visit the Middle East.

Dome is well renowned for its coffees, which are made from 100% Arabica beans that are selected and roasted to perfection by Dome coffee master roaster. Dome caf? restaurants have a unique European ambience with tables outside the air-conditioned dining area for smokers and other patrons who prefer to sit outdoors.

Dome serves some of the world's best coffee and excellent food to the pickiest dinners today. It also features a European-style menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pizzas, pastas and salads are served, along with daily specials, vegetarian dishes, sandwiches, a special menu for kids and desserts take-aways are also available

Dome coffee also have excellent service, they will make sure their service is prompt and friendly. Dome coffee chains are often well-lit, perfect for visiting anytime of the day. Dome coffee chains are perfect for your coffee/study time, time with friends or even family gatherings and dinners. One of their best seller drinks is ice mocha, a nice beverage with chocolate topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on iced coffee.

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