Roasting your own Coffee Beans

Roasting coffee beans used to be difficult to do at home. It was complex and involved hard to use and obtain equipment. Today, though, the home coffee maker can rejoice in the fact that good roasters are now available. They are easier to come by and come in many different types. Now all they need is to understand the process.

Equipment for roasting has to be very clean. Oils or butter residue can ruin the taste of the coffee if found in the equipment. On some roasters the thermometer is built in. However, it is always wise to still test the temperature as it is essential to getting a good roast.

Another additional thing to know is that roasting is done at very high temperatures and has a tendency to set of smoke alarms, so you may want to disable them before getting started.

Roasting starts with a quality bean. The beans need to be heated to between 460 and 530 degrees. There will be plenty of smoke, as mentioned. A fan or exhaust can be useful during the process. They will also smell so opening a window might be advisable. You need to put the beans into the roaster and turn up the heat. Make sure to monitor it so it gets hot enough but not too hot. During roasting the beans will go from the green color to a yellow and when done they will be brown. The darker brown will be the darker roast and how dark you go is up to your personal taste. When they heat up oil and water puts pressure on the beans an they may make a cracking sound. This can be loud but is a normal good sign and is usually heard four to seven minutes into roasting. You should stir your beans every 30 seconds. The sugars in the beans will caramelize during the roasting process. You should check the color every 30 seconds. More cartelization equals a darker bean. If you roast long enough you may hear a crack sound again. They will be very dark at this point and it is more than done. You can now remove the beans to a colander and agitate them to allow the dead skin to be removed. You may want to experiment with a few batches in order to get the perfect roast for your tastes. You can varying the length of time and the roasting temperature.

Be sure to watch the temperature and keep an eye on the color. Also stir often so they do not burn. You are in complete control and you should be able to find your perfect roast with a little practice. You can create the perfect cup of coffee through roasting your own beans, plus it is nice to serve a cup of coffee to guests that you can be proud of. You can tell your friends that you roasted the coffee beans, ground them and prepared the coffee yourself. It is sure to please them.

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