The Shelf Life of Coffee Beans

When considering the shelf life of coffee beans, It is required to look at each individual coffee bean as the term varies with different varieties. When it comes to green coffee beans that have been stored correctly in a dry area, the shelf life of such coffee beans could be as high as ten years or longer. The term: 'aged coffees' applies to coffee beans that are stored for long periods of time.

The Shelf life of Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted coffee beans have different needs with regard to shelf life. Such coffee beans will not last for more than two weeks even if the coffee beans are stored correctly. Also such coffee beans will begin to lose flavor and it is recommended that you should use this kind of coffee within a week of being roasted because after two weeks it will will have a weaker taste and poor quality.

The shelf life of ground coffee beans, which is said to have the shortest shelf life of all coffee beans, and it in reality will last for just one hour after which it will lose much of its flavor. Therefore you should only ground coffee beans an hour prior to consumption though of course the Arabs are used to grinding, roasting and brewing coffee beans in one single setting since this, according to them, shows the best flavored coffees.

Whatever what the shelf life of coffee beans is, one thing that has lasted is coffee is a popular beverage, which covers many different cultures, age groups and gender groups. All drinks such as teas are in competition but none has the following that coffee does.

Storing coffee beans for the appropriate shelf life, and preventing high temperatures, humidity, and light from affecting the quality of the coffee beans. This way you can get the most of the coffee beans, prior to using them. This is provided that you are aware of the correct shelf life

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