Tips for Choosing a Coffee Maker

You may be having a coffee maker at home, but you may still want to know the different types of coffee makers available today. You may want to try the latest one or your old coffee maker is no more in working condition and you may want to replace it. There are hundreds of types of coffee makers in the market and choosing the one that suits you is made easy with this article.

Before going for a new coffee maker you should be clear with the reasons to purchase it. It could be because you are a coffee addict and you need 10 cups every day or you may want to go for a smaller, single serve coffee maker? Do you want a coffee maker having a built in grinder so that you can grind your own beans? Do you want foam or options for espresso and cappuccino? Or, are you looking for a cheap coffee maker which makes coffee as quickly as possible? You need to answer the above questions before going to find a new coffee maker.

Obviously, the most familiar type of coffee maker is the "Automatic Drip". Here you need to put water either in the back or side of the coffee maker, put in a filter, fill it with coffee and then press the start button. It is a user friendly coffee maker and hence it is very familiar in the market. This can prepare just one or more cups at a time. The only thing you need to think about is the type of coffee you want to put into it. You can get quality coffee beans grounded from the store and add some flavors you like such as hazelnut, vanilla and cinnamon.

"Manual Drip" is the second most standard type of coffee maker. This is similar to automatic drip but here you need to heat up and pour the water manually, into the holder where the coffee filter is filled with coffee sits. Once it is drained into the pot your job is done and these can also make either single cup or up to 12 cups but aren't usually used commercially. People who are into fishing, hunting and camping, choose this as it is convenient to carry along and you can heat the water according to your needs. If you want a cup of coffee at any moment you can use a stove, the campfire or even a hot car engine.

For people who know exactly what they like, Espresso and Cappuccino machines are more effective. They are very expensive when compared to other normal coffee makers. Depending upon the type of machine, coffee makers utilize pressure, foam, froth and milk to prepare coffee. Nowadays, these types of machines are fast moving and are more affordable than ever before.

Apart from these, there are numerous types of coffee makers which may attract you. If you look around, you will find the outmoded percolators, vacuum brewers, French presses and many more are available, both on-line as well as with the local dealer.

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