How to Brew Chinese-Style Tea

Brewing tea Chinese style is almost an art form and plays a major part in their culture. No dipping a tea bag into a mug of hot water for them!

To brew tea Chinese style, you need to have a bowl large enough to contain the teapot. First boil the water and rinse out the teapot with some of it. Then fill the teapot up to a third with tealeaves. Pout hot water over them, allowing the water to overflow into the bowl. Pour off this water immediately, retaining the soaked tealeaves. With the teapot sitting in the bowl, add more hot water, allowing it to flow over the outside of the teapot too.

You will think this is going to be one strong brew, but it should only be steeped for 30 seconds before pouring into the cups. They should be set out in a circle, touching each other at the rims so that the tea can be poured into them using a circular motion. This way they are all filled at the one time, which ensures consistency of flavour. More hot water can be added for further brewing, in which case the tea should be steeped for an extra 10-15 seconds.

The ideal water for tea brewing has a PH of 7.9. Ordinary tap water should be filtered, while bottled water should be avoided due to it giving the tea a flat flavour.

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