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Most of the time, people serve their guests with a cup of tea. Tea making and serving is definitely an art. In some circumstances, you put yourself in an embarrassing situation by messing up things while making tea. As a result, the taste of tea may go down and your guests have a bad experience. To deal with this circumstance and make sure that it doesn’t repeat again, Yishanteashop.com has introduced an innovative one-touch Gongfu tea maker for a hassle-free tea making. Now, you can make tea as easily and quickly as you take it. This tea maker is based on a simple method to get the best possible tea and serve it to your guests.

Gongfu tea maker has succeeded in creating a special place in the tea world and most of the time, people associate this term with Yishan Teashop. Generally, the term ‘Gongfu’ refers to a particular technique, skill or art. There mustn’t be any confusion regarding the use of this term as tea-making is nothing short of an art. Gongfu tea usually refers to the preparation of Chinese tea in a traditional fashion. The factors that influence this preparation technique come in the form of control, measurements and predictability. This technique makes the preparation of tea possible by keeping the actual tastes and fragrances intact.

The most important thing here is that how you’ll apply that technique. In order to learn this technique, you may feel the need of some common tools such as steeping vessel in the form of Gaiwan, cup clay pot, tasting cups that hold 0.5oz to 1.5oz of tea, GongDaoBei or Decanting pot, a tea board and ChaDao or tea accessories.

But with Gongfu tea maker offered by Yishanteashop.com, you no longer require to arrange all the above mentioned tools to make the best tea. You can start using this tea maker by placing the leaves inside the upper section and pour on the hot water. When the tea is sufficiently steeped depending on tea variety and approach, merely push the top button and the tea liquid will run into the bottom tea pot. The top section can even be used while outside of the pot, which allows for many other styles of use.

The tea maker is manufactured with glass and plastics that can withstand high temperature. By making use of this teaware, you can experience a unique way of tea-making. You can buy it for $15.95 from Yishanteashop.com.

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