A Guys Guide To Wine

A lot of guys are more comfortable using a circular saw than a corkscrew, but that doesn't mean wines need to remain a mystery to men.

Guys usually say the subject of wine falls somewhere between confusing and terrifying. The truth is, wines pair well with ALL types of traditional "guy food"-including wings, pizza, mac & cheese and more.

Confused? Never fear-Dancing Bull wines offers tips, tricks and basic wine knowledge for any average Joe to know exactly what they need to know-and nothing else. Here are some excerpts from their "Guy's Guide to Wine."

Choosing Wines

Knowing how to navigate both a wine list and a wine shop can be intimidating, but here are some tips:

• In restaurants-Stay cool and don't forget that help is a good thing. Ask the waiter or the restaurant's wine expert, the sommelier ("So-Mel-Yay"), for a suggestion; they will make you look good.

• In wine shops-Have an idea of what you're hungry for before you enter the store, and ask for help here, too. If you work the odds and bag a mixed case of wine, chances are good you'll find something you'll like. Don't forget, you can easily find great wines for under $10.

Pairing Wine And Food

You've got a hot date, and not sure what to serve? Like a red wine, you have to practice breathing-wine can be paired with pretty much anything. Here are some suggestions:

• Pizza with meat-merlot

• Burgers, BBQ or anything grilled-zinfandel

• Asian food-zinfandel or sauvignon blanc

• Mac and cheese-chardonnay

• Wings-cabernet sauvignon

• Salad (she's gonna want some greens, so you'd better know what goes with it)-sauvignon blanc.

Talking the Talk

Let's face it, sometimes you need to fake knowing more than you actually know. Here are a few terms of the trade to help you impress your buddies, your date and even your boss:

• Appellation-A way to say "where the grapes were grown" while sounding like you have a 180 IQ.

• Terroir-A fancy French word for a vineyard's growing conditions. Generally France, Italy and California are known for good terroir, while Siberia and Antarctica are not.

• Mouthfeel-A pompous way of describing the "texture" of wine. Think light beer vs. stout-they taste and feel different.

For even more tips and tricks and to download "The Guy's Guide to Wine," visit www.dancingbull wines.com.

Wine Wisdom-For men everywhere, selecting a bottle of wine just got easier.

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