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If you are planning on visiting California, you should take some time out to visit some of the popular wineries. California wine is reputed worldwide. With the amazing weather and the beautiful scenery, wine touring in California is a brilliant way to experience and taste some of the fine vintage US wines. With more than 200 days of sunshine every year, the climate in California is ideal for the wine business. There are 6 predominant varieties of wine in California.

There is the Sauvignon Blanc, a white wine that has a herbal or melon taste and tastes best when accompanying seafood. The Chardonnay has a buttery taste and usually complements seafood and chicken. Among the red wines, there is Pinot Noir, which is fruity and Merlot, which can be either floral or fruity in taste. Then, there is Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel that are spicy, herbal or fruity. Along with these varieties, there are many other types of wines available to tempt your taste buds. The wine tours not only offer an insight on how wine is made, but also on how and when to taste the wine. Tourists are informed about all the local events and annual festivals that focus on wine harvesting and processing.

Even though wine is produced in many places in and around California, the most famous areas are definitely Sonoma County and Napa Valley. The primary focus of any wine tour is wine tasting. When touring California, the some tour guides present their guests with a bottle each of their favorite wine. Apart from touring the vineyards and viewing the different facilities and processes that are a part of wine making, there are many companies that provide virtual tours. These tours are designed for those tourists who are interested in visiting the wineries and vineyards, but dont have the time to actually go on a tour. It is advisable for all, to go on a virtual tour, before you sign up for a real one.

When you are on a wine tour, you might probably end up drinking a lot of the wine offered. It is important to take a good driver along, in case you are touring alone. There are various tour services available, which range from deluxe to regular. Wine touring companies in California offer personal guides and even limousines for you to enjoy the whole experience, luxuriously.

If your day is filled with fun activities, like visiting a casino or taking a sunset cruise on the San Francisco Bay, perhaps you should leave the wine touring for the nights. In case you feel like indulging further, a customized private tour is worth trying. The options may vary from gourmet lunches and limo tours for couples, to accommodation and wine tours. The private tours cater to the needs of everyone. Besides this, there are picnics arranged for small or large groups and other team events are designed as well.

California wine tours are usually in association with the various California wine clubs. The tours are romantic and rewarding. A wine tour is primarily designed to enable you to enjoy the best, luxury and good health, while sipping on a glass of your favorite vintage.

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