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Are you thinking of hosting a party but you're stuck on coming up with a theme your friends will enjoy? Why not have a home wine tasting? A home wine tasting is fun for everyone and it provides everyone involved with new knowledge on wines, it provides more culture for everyone and it's a laugh riot; especially as you get further into the home wine tasting. Before you host your own home wine tasting, you should think about taking a wine tasting course so that you know the ins and outs of having such a function. This will allow you to show everyone exactly how to taste the wine using the proper home wine tasting techniques.

Cleaning Your Palate

One of the things you're going to want to learn before you host your home wine tasting is how to clean your palate. Your palate is your taste buds. As you taste a wine, you'll want to taste that wine and that wine only. Then, you'll want to clean your palate so that the next wine you taste isn't tainted by the first wine. You can typically clean your palate by eating a plain cracker and drinking some water. Some wine tasters swish their mouths with water so as to completely take the taste out of their mouths. Show your guests this before you engage in your home wine tasting and they'll be very appreciative because they'll be able to taste the full flavor of each wine you'll be sampling.

The Wine

Of course, before you have a home wine tasting, you're going to have to get the wine you'll be tasting. You can go to the liquor store and stock up on a few cases of various wines but this can get very expensive. It might be better to buy in bulk or buy from a wine wholesaler so that you can save money on all the wines you'll be tasting. There are many websites where you can get good wines for less and this will provide you with all the wine you need for your home wine tasting without breaking your bank account.

When you host your home wine tasting party, your guests will likely be impressed with your knowledge of the wines as well as your technique for tasting those wines. Pass this knowledge onto them and they can host their own wine tasting parties. Just make sure they invite you as you invited them to yours.

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