Keeping Your Wine Chilled

Technology results in amazing new products practically every single day. When it comes to wine, the situation is no different as new and creative products come to market.

Keeping Your Wine Chilled

As any true wine enthusiast knows, a regular refrigerator is hardly big enough to hold all the different varieties of wine that a well-stocked house has in it. If you are going to have room to store your meats and vegetables, as well as your wine, you will need to find a different solution for your wine storage needs. Storing bottles of wine at room temperature (or in warm areas) can be damaging to the taste and quality of the vintage and not everyone can afford to have a wine cellar built. Some of the best options for most wine aficionados are chillers.

Wine chillers are small cases that are built to hold from six to 500 bottles of wine. These cases are made to keep wine at its optimum temperature for both red and white wines, and some have multiple temperatures and temperature zones available. The different companies that make these wine cabinets and wine chillers range from economical models for long term storage to sleek, beautiful show piece type cabinets.

One company known for its economical wine cellars is Vintage Keeper. This company offers four models, with bottle capacities ranging from 110 bottles to 500 bottles, and prices below $1500 for all models. The cabinets come with quiet cooling units that are attached to adjustable thermostats; these thermostats offer a range of temperatures between 50 and 72 degrees F. Vintage Keeper wine chillers also come in three different colors: black, burgundy and oak – which will suit any decor.

Another wine cabinet company that offers more extravagant wine cabinets is Le Cache. This company has two different cabinet frames available – cherry wood and maple wood. The doors and structure of these cabinets give them a look of elegant furniture even though inside they're a useful wine cooling system. The temperature range on these models is from 48 to 63 degrees F, and they also have fluorescent lighting to make choosing your favorite wine easier. Capacities range between 172 and 622 bottles.

Whether you just need a practical place to stow your bottles of wine or a display piece for your fine vintage wines – wine chillers are a great way to keep your wine collection under wraps. Your wine is kept at the correct temperature for drinking and out of the elements, meaning your wine will stay at its best and age gracefully.

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