Lost Valley Winery

Lost Valley Winery

If you're an Australian wine lover with a taste for Italian wines, there's no need for an expensive plane ticket to get your fix. You can enjoy an exceptional Italian wine in the form of Lost Valley Winery's Cortese wine, famous not only for its unique, refreshing flavours, but also because it's the only wine of its kind produced in Australia. Respected wine critics like Robert Parker, Huon Hooke and Ralph Kyte-Powell have only good things to say about the Lost Valley Cortese wine, impressed at the winery's commitment to keep producing excellent vintages of their interesting wine.

Lost Valley Winery is widely recognised as one of the top boutique wineries in Australia, and possibly the world. Their wines are exported to Canada, the United States, Hong Kong and Indonesia. You know you're on to something special when the top American wine distributors single out your wine as "incredible" when compared to other producers in the same category. This doesn't just apply to the Cortese wine either; an Italian wine variety. Their Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Shiraz have all won multiple accolades and praise in the local wine community. Lost Valley Winery has gone beyond merely churning out bottles of wine year after year; they've set a standard in the industry for everyone keen on making lasting impressions in the national and international arenas.

Situated on the sloping hills of Great Dividing Range in Victoria, the two vineyard sites in the Upper Goulburn region yield Lost Valley Winery's four main varietals: Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Shiraz and the interesting Italian wine Piedmont native, Cortese. Despite the warm temperatures during summer, the cool air of the mountain is soothing and allows for a slightly slower ripening period. The grapes to reach full maturity at more relaxed pace. The high slopes keep the frost off the vineyards during the colder months, and the precious rainwater nourishes the clayey soil before it filters into the King Parrot Creek, a tributary of the Goulburn River. The conditions of this region can be extreme, but all four wines emerging from the Lost Valley Winery plantings are consistently rich, complex and of excellent quality. Alex White, widely regarded as one of Australia's best-known and skilled winemakers, is the man behind the award-winning Lost Valley wines. Alex is directly involved in the wine-making process, from tending the growing vines to overseeing the wine-making process itself.

Lost Valley wines are widely available in stores throughout Australia, but to sample some of the special stuff they hold back, take the day and venture out to the winery in the Goulburn Valley region. Be sure your directions are accurate though: the owners only found the place because they got lost, hence the name. The wines at the cellar door aren't typically the wines in the stores and restaurants, so more than just experiencing the beauty of the winery's setting, you're also enjoying the exclusivity of some very fine wines, including Italian wine varieties. You can order the wines direct from Lost Valley Winery’s cellar door at www.BoutiqueWineries.com.au/winery/LostValleyWinery

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