Pairing Wine With Dinner

Proper pairing of wine with proper food in dinner is very important. These 5 guidelines will give you some basic ideas about wine and food pairing that can help you to know more about why some wine and some food does not go perfect or why some pair gives the real pleasure.

1.Avoid any food that will not allow you to enjoy the full flavor of the wine. You have to know which food can alter the flavor of your wine or make it so that you can not taste the wine properly. Some basic pairing that will not allow you to enjoy your dinner are red meats with white wines; fish, vegetables and goat cheese with red wine; spice, garlic, vinegar and raw fruit with most wines.
2.A sweet or bitter food has to be paired with any wine that is not dry. You want to avoid pairing foods with a bitter taste, bitter aftertaste, or a sweet taste or aftertaste with any wine that tends to be dry.
3.Be selective in case of old wines. You have to avoid any bold flavored foods otherwise it may even wipe out the subtle flavors of the wine.
4.Any wine that is sweet cannot be paired with bitter or sweet foods because in that case you could end up with an overwhelming sweetness that prevents anyone from enjoying the wine. So try to pair sweet wine with salty and acid flavors of food while sweet foods has to be paired with dry wines or those wines which have bitter taste.
5.Always remember complex wines need simple food flavors. If you want to allow your wine to stand out and to blend with right food then you have to follow this general rule – Pair simple food with complex wine and complex food with simple wine.
In spite of above guidelines you just have to trust your own palette. There are no such hard and fast rules for pairing. Those rules can only suggest you for better taste.

Here are some common ideas of what wines to serve with dinner:

Chardonnay: This popular dry white wine is more full bodied than other white wines. Chardonnay has aromas of fruits and acidity. Chardonnay goes well with chicken, seafood, and fish.

Gewurztraminer: Gewurztraminer has a spicy aroma and fruity flavors of peach, apricot, tropical fruits, and lychee. It can be a dry or sweet white wine. This type of wine goes especially well with spicy Asian dishes and pork sausages.
Pinot Grigio: Pinot Grigio is light and crispy with almond, lemon, and vanilla flavors. hese wines are also called Pinot Gris. This type of wine goes well with seafood and salmon.

Riesling: Rieslings have a floral aroma. They range from very dry and crisp to intensely sweet depending on where it is from. German Riesling is slightly sweet and balanced with some acidity. California Riesling tends to be sweeter. This type of wine goes well with chicken, fish, pork, and spicy foods.

Sauvignon Blanc: Lighter than Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc usually has a grassy citrus aroma. Flavors range from apple, pear, green tea, limes and freshly mowed grass. You can often detect a little smokiness. Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with salads, poultry, seafood, and cheese.

Always remember pairing food and wine is not something that you ever master because there are so many variables that makes it a never ending lesson.

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