Purchasing the Perfect Wine Cellar

When it comes to what the phrase "wine cellar," one can often imagine European grandeur and luxury. We are all aware that most private villas in Europe pride themselves on their extensive, fully stocked, gorgeous wine cellars. In addition, most fine restaurants also brag about the elaborate methods they utilize for keeping expensive wines in top-notch shape.

With all of this attention on wine cellars, the typical person might be a bit daunted, and not quite know what to do if he or she is a wine lover looking to invest in a wine cellar. If they are a tad daring, they might take the leap and purchase their own wine cellar for their home.

First of all, what is not usually said about wine cellars is that you do not need a lot of fancy storage systems or combination wine cellar humidor in order to keep your wines in top-notch shape. Most wine lovers focus on carefully selected bottles and keep them in small quantities to drink on a regular basis. For this to sort of wine lover, an at-home wine cellar may be unnecessary.

There is, however, the wine lover who stocks many different kinds of wine and is considered a collector of fine wines. For this person, there may be a need of a dedicated wine cellar in which to keep their collection. The wine cellar designs can still be located within the home in a place that is convenient.

When setting out by a wine cellar, there are some factors that need to be considered including: size of the wine cellar, humidity, temperature, and vibration. While these are just some of the factors that go into making a safe secure wine cellar design, they are the most important and needs to be taken into consideration at the start of building a wine cellar.

Light, vibration, temperature, and humidity controls are necessary to maintain your wine in its highest quality state. Too much light (especially sunlight or fluorescent light) is thought to damage wines. Your wine cellar should offer a darkened storage space.

Another enemy of a wine is vibration. If you have too much vibration, it will just rock the sediments in the wine and cause it to change color or taste. This is especially true with the more delicate wines that are more susceptible to both vibration and light.

Humidity is a third factor to consider, as too much humidity may cause the wine to mold, and too little humidity may cause the corks to shrink, leading to wine spillage and spoilage. The optimal humidity for wine is about 70%.

Temperature is also an important factor, because if the temperature is too high, it will decrease the flavor of the wine and if it is too low, it may cause the wine to freeze.

Self-contained wide cellar units are the easiest way to create a wine cellar in your home. They can range in size from 2 x 3 feet to 10 x 12 feet and sometimes even bigger. However, if you are considering a wine cellar design that is extremely large, it may be less expensive to have it custom-built for you.

Small wine cellars can hold as few as 24 bottles, while the large wine cellars can hold up to 2500 bottles. Prices for the smaller wine cellars can begin at around $500 and go all the way up to $4000 for the large custom-built models.

There is a variety of exteriors when it comes to wine cellar designs. They can range from super-sleek, stainless steel to rustic oak or pine with additions such as interior lights, glass panels, locking doors, and the like. All of this adds to your price, so you need to take that into consideration when looking at wine cellar designs.

When deciding to purchase a wine cellar, you should first determine a few things.

- Number or bottles that should like to store.

-What is the amount of space that you have available for your wine cellar.

- How much sensitivity you need in terms of controlling for light, temperature, humidity, and vibration. Again, if you are planning to purchase very expensive wines, you will need controls that are more sophisticated.

-Will the wine cellar be tucked away in a room or out in the open as part of your overall decor?

In the end, your purchase should be the best balance of features, price, and space. If you know what your wine tastes are prior to purchasing the wine cellar, you will get the best one that meets your current wants and needs with a little room to expand.

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