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Are you looking for something different to do? Are you looking to meet some new people? If you have not already, you may want to visit a wine festival. What a wonderful way to spend the day whether you are a wine connoisseur or a novice.

Anyone can visit a wine festival. You do not need to be part of a specific group, or have a specific level of knowledge about wine in order to go, enjoy and participate in the festivities and activities surrounding these types of events. These can typically be small, medium or larger scale with headliners and features, marketing like: 1600 wines • 16 countries • 176 wineries • 60 events • 7 days. They are oftentimes connected to other celebrations, anniversaries, wine industry type events, theatre, tasting rooms, wine-aficionados galore! Information, education and entertainment go hand in hand at these types of events. Wineries and cellars tote their wares and showcase their goods, exhibitors, industry experts, master-chefs, cuisine, cheese and so much more awaits you.

Trade professionals and casual wine-lovers with varying palettes and experiences take part in tastings, tasting notes are shared and secrets, preferences and characteristics or impressions of the wine traded and exchanged. Seminars, food and wine pairings, themed and regional celebrations, exhibitions, booths, sparkling wines, ice wines, fundraisers, with tickets covering typically the food and wine, gratuities, taxes, ticket service charges (like a cover). This is a whole new line of wine and cuisine type ‘tourism’ and edu-tainment of sorts! The combination of wine and fine cuisine appeals to a broad and diverse audience. Drinking and tasting responsibly, transportation and accommodation close-by are all good ideas and rules of thumb all attendees should apply. Wine, education and arts, music and food make for a wonderful plethora of experiences and taste that awaits your palette and curiosity. Indulge, live and enjoy the bounty of the harvest and the products of the fruits of the vine and labor of love. From gourmet meals, wine education seminars, unique consumer wine tastings to workshops and hands-on sampling, tasting and goods to purchase, it can and will prove to be a fun-filled event, regardless of where you attend, for how long, one hour, one day, a weekend or all week long in some cases!

Enticing names and invitations (Salute, Sante etc.), tasting themes, regions, glamorous, laid back, winery tours, winemakers dinners, you can sip, savor and shop until you drop (not meant literally of course! Drink responsibly and in moderation is the key!). Oenophiles and wine enthusiasts will tell you that this is where the real buzz about wine is. Combine vintages and cuisine for the perfect match up. Whether you come for the wine tastings, seminars, dinners and/or shopping, you will not regret your decision to partake in the festivities!

Wine festivals, festivities and celebrations, dates, locations, etiquette, listings can all be found online. Participating wineries will also have dates and materials, local tourism and informational locations will offer more information for a particular region or area and any upcoming events.

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