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In the USA, surprisingly only Illinois and naturally California are the states that allow commercial wine auctions. In New York (the ideal place!) Bills to permit wine auctions are introduced regularly but they die just as often! In Chicago, people travel from all over just to get some bargains. In Britain where wine auctions are held anywhere throughout the country in the fall and winter, retail wine chains have flourished and one chain in particular has even taken over a wine retailer on the American West Coast!

Wine auctions are considered by the British wine trade as being a way of sparking interest in wines and looks to it to increase sales for everyone. In Australia, wine auctions are plentiful especially online wine sales and auctions. There are a number of online wine communities devoted to sharing tasting notes and critiques about various wines they have encountered. Biggest amongst those communities is Auswine Discussion Forum, where you can search critiques and get advice on various wines from the comfort of your own living room. From your armchair, you can enjoy the benefits of buying fine wines at an online wine sale or auction.

Wine Auction Bidding and Tasting Tips

Whether you decide to participate in one of the myriad online wine sales or take a jaunt through the real world of wine sales and wine cellars, you will want to take some things into consideration. Pay only what you are willing to pay. There is ample research both online and off which shows what are fair and maximum bids in an auction on a particular wine. Researching these things prior will allow you to make online wine sales and purchases fairly. Always try to attend a pre-auction tasting. Sometimes end of the line mixed cases can be an excellent choice, so always be on the look out for these sorts of things. Most trade bidders are not very interested in those so you will have a clear field.

Another idea that is very good includes attending a wine warehouse tasting to see what brands are out there. Then you will gain a better appreciation for what you are bidding for instead of simply taking a wine at label value. You can also form a collective of your colleagues and friends to buy in groups further reducing your per bottle costs and increase the variety you can purchase.

With online wine auctions, it is best to work out your preferences on paper first, so that you can get acquainted with the procedure. If you are going after California wines or just any wine sales you can get at a bargain, you will want to know that going in. Write down you bids for your preferred lots and the maximum amount you are willing to pay. Avoid bidding until you are sure what is going on and when you feel confident. If you are attending a wine tasting session, make sure that you have a designated driver to avoid any untimely accidents.

Wine auctions are not the socially limiting situations that most people perceive; instead, they are fun places to go where bargains await the person who has done adequate research. A well-known international auction house representative recently commented, "I think online wine auctions are still in their infancy." If that is the case, online wine sales and wine auctions are a great opportunity not to be missed by wine lovers everywhere. Do some research and then jump right in!

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