Wine Nicely Rounds Off Your Meal

The art of drinking wine is one that many people appreciate. For these people having a good quality wine means that it can be drunk at the right temperature. This means that the wine should not be too warm where the sophisticated flavor will be lost. One of the nicest wines that you can buy is an ice wine.

As there are many types of ice wines you will need to find some information about ice wine before you make your choice. There are some very good resources that you can use to gain some information about ice wine. These places are the library, bookstores and the internet.

You will find that ice wine is an expensive wine that is made in Canada, Germany, Austria, America, Hungary and other countries. To make the ice wine the vineyards in these vineyards allow the wine grapes to stay on the vine until well into winter where the temperatures will naturally freeze the grapes while they are on the vine. Once the grapes have been frozen to the standard that is required they are hand harvested in the night or early morning hours.

These are the times when the weather is still very cold. Since ice wine needs to be made in cold temperatures the wine makers will work in unheated wine callers. To make this delicious ice wine lots of iced Riesling, Videl Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and other wine grapes are used.

Ice wine is considered to be a sweet tasting wine that is refreshing, with a wine aroma that is composed of tropical fruits, lychees and mangos. This aroma is very visible to the nose in the white ice wine varieties. You will find that most ice wines have a full bodied taste to them. The most common flavors that you will encounter in this sweet dessert drink, is that of fruits like peaches, dried apricots, and figs. You will also taste honey and other flavors that give this ice wine its lingering finish.

The ice wine that you have chosen will nicely round off your meal and leave a pleasant taste in your mouth. The right ice wine that is chosen with care will complement your dessert. So the next time that you are thinking of buying a dessert wine for your evening meal you may want to see about buying a fabulous tasting ice wine. You will be pleasantly surprised at how smooth and sophisticated this expensive wine tastes.

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