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If you’re the one who’s hosting the wine tasting here are a few etiquette rules that you should perhaps keep in mind. It’s best if you can keep the number of guests down to a group that will comfortably fit in your room without being overcrowded. This avoids the normal scramble for seating space, besides which it can be intimidating to any new comer to the basics of wine tasting to have to fight their way through the melee just to get to a bottle of wine!

When you’re serving the wine for tasting, start with the women first then progress on to the older members of the group before going on to the men. As host you should be last on the list to be served.

If you’re having a meal then serve it only after the wine tasting has been accomplished. Keep away anything that will impede with your guests enjoyment of the moment and their wine tasting palates. Keep unsalted crackers or unflavored French bread at hand for those of your guests who wish to cleanse their palates. The strongest in flavor that you should go is a lightly salted mozzarella, anything else just won’t do.

Water is a necessity for some people so be prepared and keep some bottled water on hand. For those who wish to rinse their palates keep a receptacle where each guest can discard their rinse water. Keeping a pitcher of water on hand to rinse glasses is also a good ide

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