Wines To Make A Party Swing

So you’re having a party? There is nothing worse than going to a party and being given a bad tasting glass of wine. There is no excuse for this, and so this article gives you a few ideas on what to serve your guests. There are, however, always certain people (who will remain unnamed) who always bring their worst bottle of wine to a party and drink everyone else’s whilst they are there.

Whatever the type of party, be it a dinner party, a hen party or just a house party, the best thing to start it off is a glass of sparkling wine. There is no need to splash out on Champagne. You can get a great bottle of cava that will be acceptable for everyone’s palate at a decent price. To make it a little more special, you can add some kirsch liqueur, cassis (or blackcurrant syrup) to it, which gives it a bit more sweetness, offers the excitement of a new discovery, and also adds a bit of colour, not to mention alcohol, to the drink.

For summer parties, Sangria or fruit cup is good as a main drink. With the main part of it made up of red wine, you can add different fruits and juices to make it taste better. Your party will then be sure to swing – just make sure you keep it topped up throughout the evening.

For winter parties, a mulled wine is a great way to keep people warm and brings a really lovely christmassy smell to the affair. A Christmas party just isn’t the same without mulled wine warming in the kitchen.

For all other parties, it is best to have a mixture of red and white wines; you can add a rosé to the mixture for summer parties. A good way to select wines is to look at an independent wine retailer online. Not only is it a good way to get a great deal on your wine, but it is also offers you an idea of what types of wine you like are in your price range, which wines are best for which occasion, and also offers the best deals on new wines.

Another summer idea for wine is to serve a rosé. Once seen as rather tacky and resigned to the remit of some kind of 70’s time trap, rosé wines are now very fashionable and very drinkable.

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