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People have a fascination for cooking and they want to show off their cooking skills to their relatives and friends. What better way to do it than by displaying the latest, state of the art barbecue grill? There are many types of barbecue grills available on the market and it is a question of personal preference on what type of barbecue grill would you love to use. Then again, there are some people who believe in word of mouth and purchase the type of barbecue grills according to the ones recommended to them by their friends. Some people belonging to the old school prefer to use charcoal barbecue grills.

This has a distinct advantage over other barbecue grills because the food cooked in it is extremely tasty. However one needs to be a connoisseur to be able to taste the difference between foods cooked in charcoal barbecue grills and propane barbecue grills. However, as said before, there are some persons who just rely on word of mouth. Then there are some persons who want to show off. Lighting an electric barbecue grill is an easy task, and there is nothing to show off in that. But, preparing a charcoal barbecue grill prior to lighting it is a sight. It looks nice to the eye if done in the proper manner.

First one has to dump charcoal pellets on the receptacle of the barbecue grill and then pour lighter fluid on top of the charcoal. Then one applies fire to them to set them alight. Compared to this turning on a propane barbecue grill is child's play. The gas connection is already fixed to the propane barbecue grill and all one has to do is to turn on the lever that permits flow of gas from the mains. Once this is done, just turn on the knob of the burner and flash the lighter on the top of the burner and the propane gas will start burning. The modern propane barbecue grills have a lighter integrated in the knob itself. The moment one turns it to the on position, the gas flowing to the burner gets lighted.

Apart from the above two types of barbecue grills mentioned, there is one more type of barbecue grill. This is the electric barbecue grill and as its name suggests it is powered by electricity. Over here there are no burners. Instead there are plates made of fiber or metal with a coil beneath it. When one turns on the power to these electric barbecue grills, the coils offer resistance to the current. This heats up the coils and the heated coils in turn heat up the plate. Both the propane charged barbecue grills and also the electric grills have integrated thermometers with each burner. This is an extremely helpful piece of equipment. Using this one can set different temperatures for different burners of the barbecue grills. Most of these barbecue grills are available in a variety of models and they are priced to suit every pocket.

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